Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Got weight problems? Do it the right way


It has been reported that a seventeen-year old girl died because of anorexia; she surely lost weight the wrong way by denying every food and drinks. Not only the girl, there are many people that died from complications caused by anorexia, including famous fashion models, actress, poets and so on. It has become very important to think about losing weight the right way, without having the burden to face such tragedy. Let me show you three great ways to get you fit: try your best to eat nutritiously, exercise well with strong patience and tenacity.

             First of all, eating nutritious food is important part of losing weight. All the things you eat have different nutrition that may do good or harm to your body. The nutritionists classify the foods with colors of red, yellow and green; just like the stop sign in a junction. You should stay away from red foods with high calorie and low nutrition, but eat green foods with low calorie but tons of nutrition. For example, butter is a red food that has significant calories but low nutrition. However beans are green food that has a good source of vitamin, protein, and iron. If you choose to remember this stop sign, you will do a better job in planning and organizing your diet precisely.

             Secondly, exercise well with strong persistence. As well as eating well, exercise makes your muscles to grow, in a way to prevent fat growing in your body. So you should be involved in weight training first. Do should sit-ups, push-ups, bench press, deadlifts. But remember you should do a different session of the upper body and the lower body. One day you should build muscles onto your chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and so on. But in another day, you should do the lower body involving hamstring, thigh, calf, and buttocks. Between those days, there should be a rest day, to let the muscles grow in your body which has been torn apart to renew a bigger muscle. After that, you should do aerobic exercise, to burn out the fats living in your body. In that way you become much more slim, but with the appropriate muscles. All the ladies will love your body.

             Lastly, never give up on yourself. Most of the failures of losing weight come from your mental ability to withhold such pain during the exercise period. Individuals fail to lose weight because there are so many temptations of eating high calorie foods, and the low morale that makes you back to where you started. So first, you should always make a note of yourself and keep an exercise diary, stating about what you did for exercise and what you ate today. In that way, you will be more motivated and stay active. In addition, you should inform others that you are currently on a diet, and don't let them lure you into those delicious food. If your friends don't seduce you into the red foods, you will keep track of your calories better, and have the motivation to win this agonizing war.

             "Push past through the pain" is a motto from a 325-pound male, who lost more than 100 pounds in six months. He knew what he had to do, what he had to face and overcame hardship in the long run. I know it is a very hard challenge and hardly anyone succeeds in losing weight. I think it is a matter of knowing yourself better than anyone else and outplaying yourself by making concrete actions. If you dare to succeed, you may see yourself in a sexy shape.


  1. I'm currently exercising at the gym and your advice on the right way to lose weight was of great help. Your introduction has clear thesis statement about the points you are going to make in the body paragraphs. Quotating some facts about anorexia at the front of the intro part really served as a good hook. You made good arguments and their pertaining details in each paragraph. Topic sentences and supporting details are coherent and have a unity as a whole. Your conclusion also left lasting impression on me. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Hi my name is Chun Young Ho. Pretty impressive topic. Your introduction has clear thesis statement that contains the points you are going to explain in the body paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with main idea. So it is easy to clarify what you are arguing about. Topic sentences and supporting details are have a unity as a whole. I think you can develop your conclusion more.