Tuesday, April 14, 2015

201102805 Hanwook Lee/ Why are you single?/ Thurs 56


As spring has been coming with trees and flowers in blossom, many people try to find their own mate. Falling in love is one of the most valuable and fulfilling gifts we can enjoy through life. However, that is not applicable for everyone. Some people choose single life to enjoy their own life. And some people are forced to be single against their will. In either case, people who stay single long period of time have some common characteristics.


First, they like independence. Independent people rarely reach out to others and ask for help and support. They tend to fear being dependent and think that "I can survive on my own and I can do it all by myself." Also help or favor from other people may feel like burden and responsibility. They are probably a bit protective of their space or things. Unfortunately for others, it can make partners feel unwanted or not needed.


Second, they love their own time without any interruption. There is nothing they love more than their time alone. The isolated time fills them up with an energy which has been exhausted by complex relationships from work, school, or diverse people around them. Just doing something they enjoy -like reading books or watching movies- keeps them refreshed. They cannot meet and spend time with someone when they use up most of their energy.


Last, They have already well-established relationships. They may have a network of friends that is so strong that other people cannot invade easily. Since they are used to keeping company, they usually ignore that there are new people who want to get to know them. Because they stay only in their familiar boundary, being in a new relationship feels awkward. Maybe they forget to get accustomed with the new person because they are so comfortable with just hanging out with their friends.


For many reasons, people choose to be single or they stay single against their will. Being single at any age can be challenging in a world that seems to place so much importance on finding the mate. However, being alone can be a positive opportunity that brings greater creativity and greater personal development. Whether you are single or not, you can enjoy your own life with many precious moments around you.


  1. Hello. I'm Minji Kim. It's really interesting story because young people in 20s always have dream about love. Your thesis statement is well written in first paragraph. The three body paragpraphs explaiend the common characteristics. It contains detail informations that support the each thesis statements.
    However, I think if you state the three reasons agian in conclusion than just mentioning 'for many reasons', it's more easy to catch your idea. Anyway, very nice essay!

  2. i read this very well. you wrote this paragraph well organizedly and cleary . you must have chosen the topic which is very interesting, riveting, moreover, up to date. from the introduction to the conclusion, what you had in you mind is showed well by the cause and effect stucture. single is also worth considering

  3. Hi Hanhook! I read your writing because your title was intriguing. I think you stated well about the reasons of people being single. Your essay is very concise. Topic sentences are also clearly stated at the start of each body paragraph. But I think it would be better if you included more specific examples to support your ideas. Generally the flow was good. Thanks for sharing :)