Thursday, April 9, 2015

201200440 Kim Minji/Minimum amount of money to travel(Second Draft)/Thursday1-3pm


Minimum amount of money to travel


     What are the benefits of traveling? It gives you experience and you could learn how cultures are different with each other. It also widens one's mental vision. The vacation is the great chance for students to travel aboard. However, here is the problem. Do you think the overseas trips take a lot of money? Many people think it is true. I visited Australia, France, Cambodia, Japan, Guam, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Macau and Hong Kong. However, I'm not richer than my friends and I didn't spend more money than the other travelers. Here, I'm going to talk about three steps to minimize your travel costs


     The first step is booking a flight ticket earlier. I paid $560 for the round ticket to Netherlands. Also, I had a chance to buy the round ticket to New York for $480. I think these prices are wonderfully fair costs for students who have not sufficient money. Many airplane companies have sales events providing cheap price ticket. If you search their web pages or price comparison sites like Skyscanner or Kayak, you would easily find the tickets with low price. I recommend that searching at least three months earlier than your expected departure day. Also, if you are hard to click the all types of options like date, time, destination, nonstop, etc., joining the internet café or community sites is good choice. PPOMPPU and SUSASA are famous Korean community sites. Members share the information about specific date of plane ticket, so it's easy to choose.


      Second, you should book the rooms to stay after buy the ticket. There are many types of lodging. The most common way to reserve the room is using Agoda or You can compare the hotels prices by Tripadviser. Recently, Airbnb and CouchSurfing are popular. Airbnb introduces you to the house of native. I used Airbnb when I visited Nice. The owner Clement left me a key and let me use all house's utility. The advantages of Airbnb are cheap price compared with the hotels with same location and we could cook in the house. Also there are unique house like yacht and camping car so Airbnb will give you the different experience. CouchSurfing is the fastest way to make a native friend and minimize the cost. Because it's free! The native owner chooses the people to stay, and if you are selected, then you can stay with the owner in his or her house. You and the owner both can learn each culture.  


     Lastly, if you arrive in the destination, here are two things you should do. Buying USIM chip and download two applications. Local mobile companies are at almost every airport. If you buy USIM chip for data here, it's greatly cheaper than using the Korean mobile companies' overseas data options. Next, downloading   Tripadviser and Google map application is recommended. These applications contain a lot of information by the traveler around the world. They review almost every restaurants, tourist attractions, historic sites, hotels, etc. If you don't have walk-through plan, don't worry about. By using these two applications, you could earn time and money on the actual location. There is the application which is useful in one country. For example, URIMALO application is useful in Australia. I used this for finding the friends to travel together. Also it provided the hot spot in Sydney. Nowadays, there are a lot of applications. Therefore, please search carefully and select the one which fits you well.


     Paulo Coelho said that "Travel is never a matter of money but of courage." However, money is the matter for students who don't make any money. I've admired the traveler since I was elementary school children. I read many travel reviews and always thought that they are rich people. However, I learned that there are many ways to reduce your costs for overseas traveling. Here are the three steps you could easily follow. Booking the ticket earlier, reserving the rooms by new types of sites, and using the applications. I'm sure that these will make your trip more comfortable.


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