Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jung Eun (201200741) / 2nd Draft (Never judge criminal by its cover) / Thurs 56

Never judge criminal by its cover

News stories about human traffickers, sex offenders, kidnappers fly around the nation. Women in particular fear to wander alone during midnight in the middle of nowhere. Even the 'Safety Home Return(여성안심귀가)' system has been devised for women living in Seoul. Yet, our safety rides on whether we watch out for ourselves and be alert on strangers. As I was under the strict discipline of my parents from childhood years, I was well aware of such issues from early ages. Thus, I always took precaution against strangers and remained vigilant at all times. However, because of my preconception in exterior appearance of criminals, my brother and I had once caught in a cross fire.

   The one who led us in hot water was somewhat an unexpected figure whom we met in a public place. The story goes back to one of my early year's New Year's Day, when our family set out to visit grandparents and relatives in Daegu. My brother and I paid respects to our grandparents and went to downtown area for sightseeing while our parents perform memorial services. We headed toward the main street, and strolled around the central area, enjoying delicious meals on the street, in the restaurant. As it was getting darker, we decided to stop indulging ourselves in various games and entertainment activities and head back to home. Yet, we were unware that an inauspicious event was waiting for us to overshadow our seemingly delirious happiness until that moment.

As we were about to take a subway train to return home, an old women who was struggling to step up the stairs came into my view. She was limping her right leg with heavy-looking bundle carrying on her shoulder. That scene reminded me of a lesson learned in ethics class that I should always give assistance to those who are weak namely, senior citizens and physically handicapped alike. As the old women was limping very hard I reluctantly approached her and asked if I can give her a hand. She gave me a wide smile and handed over her mysterious package. "What are you doing?" my brother called me in irritation. "She's limping her right leg too hard. I think we should help her." I answered him convincingly. He definitely didn't like my idea but nodded slightly too avoid further argument. While my brother carried her heavy looking package, I assisted her to walk alongside with me. She was leading us toward a side street that is off the beaten path. The more we walked into a creepy alley, the more the old woman pleaded to go further, saying that we are almost there. As I moved my feet eagerly forward, my brother seemed uneasy as he followed me from the back.

"Jung Eun." He suddenly wavered his hand to come near him. I left the old woman alone for a while and turned my back to him. "What's wrong?" I asked, softly in his ears. "Look at her legs… didn't you say she was limping her right leg?" he lowered his voice, half shivering. "Yeah." I answered as I took glimpse at her again. My brother kept whispering, "But she has been limping her left leg all along while walking with you….and now look at her, she's switching her legs randomly…" Terrified, I looked at her again, she was suddenly making phone calls in an upright position. "What the…" "Holy Crap.." my brother's face now turned ashen. "What..?.." Before I could finish my remarks, I was led to run franticly by him not knowing what was happening. "RUN RUN RUN !" "WHAAAAAA!!!" As my brother and I began running backwards to where we started, I heard a squeaky voice of an old lady shouting, ''Get them!!'' I got goose bumps. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the two men in black hoodies running after us. "Don't looook back !! Just Ruuun!!" he hurled the package at the people as we ran for our lives.  

We were more than fortunate to make an arrival in the Main Street where there are crowded with people, before being caught. We were short of breath for a long time, "Organ traffickers, I assume." my brother spoke solemnly. "How did you figure that out?" I asked him intently. "I heard through the grapevine that such human traffickers make use of old people or those who seem vulnerable to lure us after we let our guard down. We were almost dead thanks to you my lovely sis." His voice was full of reproach. "I am so sorry brother, I really am. I don't even know what to say." I said genuinely. "Let's just put this behind and hail a taxi. This isn't even thrilling a bit. It's a worst nightmare I've ever experienced." I agreed and we returned home safely. Though we made a narrow escape owing to my brother's acute sense of direction and my physical strength of running for my life, I knew I learned the lesson in hard way.

We normally become less vigilant in front of those who appear less threatening to us. Yet appalling experience clearly indicates that our inclination to judge prospective criminal by its cover can lead us to imminent death. We receive a myriad of news reports about murder, kidnapping and sexual abuse. But we tend to think they are unlikely to happen to us as long as we distance ourselves only from those who seem threatening. Now I can tell you dangers are lurking all around us in the form of friendly, fragile and sympathy provoking person in disguise.

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  1. Great essay overall
    You got your points across in your body paragraph with a clear thesis statement.
    I really liked the part about the real scene that you actually had to put up for..
    Really lured me into the reading.