Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do young Kim 201200340 Thurs 56/Breakup guide for dummies

Love is a beautiful thing but all things must come to an end at some point in time. Love is the source of your energy while it lasts but dragging on a relationship that you no longer care about would make you suffer misery beyond words. Thus, ending a relationship is something everyone must learn to do in order to prevent themselves from suffering such misery. Ending a relationship is a 3 step process which consists of determination, interaction, and settlement. Understanding these 3 steps will help all of those who are suffering out there in an unhappy relationship.


The first step of ending a relationship is determination. Determination here means that a person who seeks to end a relationship must prepare his or her own mind for the impending break up. A person should not waver once the decision has been made and in order to prevent any sort of confusion and second guessing in the future, he or she must be convinced that ending this relationship is a necessity and for the better. The simplest way to become determined is to weigh the pros and cons of breaking up. If the pros outweigh the cons, then leaning towards ending a relationship becomes that much easier.


The next step in ending a relationship is interaction. Interaction here means that you need to confront the partner in your relationship. You need to end a relationship sitting face to face in order to break things off clean and effectively. To tell your partner how you feel and how you have made up your mind lets them know that you are very serious about ending the relationship. It also serves as an official signal for them to start thinking about how to end the relationship on their end as well. This may be the most fearful and intimidating step but it must be done in order to end a relationship in a swift manner without any further complications.


The last step in ending a relationship is settlement. Settlement here does not refer to settling between two people but rather a settlement within oneself. Once you have made up your mind and informed your previous significant other that the relationship has come to an end, you must follow through with your decision through action and this is may be the most difficult step to take in ending a relationship. The first two steps may be awkward and scary but they aren't as difficult as this last step. Once you end a relationship, there's bound to be a period when you feel that you have made a mistake and turn back the clock. Then you may call your ex and rekindle an already broken relationship once more in hopes of salvaging it when the fact is that you really can't. To prevent all this fiasco, you must accept that the relationship has come to an end permanently and you must move on and look into the future. Without some peace of mind and settlement within your mind, there will be confusion and fluctuations that will most likely lead to more suffering in the future. In this last step, you must look in the mirror and be able to tell yourself that it's over and you are ready to start over.


Going through this simple 3 step process will help you end a relationship in a swift and smooth manner without many complications in the future. But this is easier said than done and one must always stick to the principles of determining, interacting, and settling to end a relationship with minimal suffering and damage. There are numerous ways to end a relationship but this 3 step process will help you end a relationship effectively and help you turn over a new leaf and start fresh as soon as you can settle down within your mind. 

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  1. Kim Minji 201200440April 9, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    Hello. I really enjoyed your writing because I'm interested in the method of ending the realationship. I know there are so many people who end the realationship just by Kakaotalk or even not saying! Therefore your advice about face to face ending is really needed. Your introduction has thesis statement and topic sentence. The body paragraphs all have details and conclusion remind again.
    However, I think the first line of each paragraph should be indented. This will make your essay eye-appeal.
    Thank you!