Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20120440 Kim Minji/I have a dream(Second draft)/Thursday1-3pm


I have a dream


The lawyer was the enviable position. However, as law school had founded and they have produced many lawyers, it seems the lawyers are hard to make a lot of money as they did before. Also there social position decreases as the number of the lawyer increases. I admired lawyer since I was elementary school child. They seemed the fighters who save the honest people caught up in the law. I've dreamed to be a lawyer because lawyer could help the people more efficiently than other jobs. Also I'm qualified with this job because of three reasons. I'm interested in law, my grade of law is high, and I learned how to think logically.


     I like to read the book or watch the drama about lawyer. Especially, my favorite drama is Boston Legal. This is the drama which shows the Boston lawyers' life and the way they win the suit. It inspired me to dream about the lawyer. I want to be like the main character who lives fancy life and wins the lawsuit. This interest leads me to read the book about lawyer and study what the lawyers do. Many people take a job just for earning money. Therefore having a job because you want not for money but for your interest is present. My interest in lawyer is the first reason that I'm qualified with this job.


International Economics & Law (IEL) is my major. I've learned economics, law and mathematics in HUFS. I thought that I was good at economics. However, after I took first test in HUFS, I found that the grade of economics were lowest among three subjects. I also found that the grade of law was best. Not only the score but the learning interest is higher in law. I like the way to solve the law problem and the various ways to win the suit were interesting. Also my test answer was chosen as answer sheet. It gave me confidence as I could be the lawyer.


     When I prepared for national college entrance exam, the language section was hard to study. I'm Korean but the score of language part was really low. I was confused how to solve the problem. Luckily, I learned the method of logical thinking. It's really simple but it gave me the high score. I thought the world as my view was the only answer, and that made problem. Logical thinking is the skill as finding what the examiner wants to ask. It doesn't care my opinion. It needs the fact. This skill helps me study law and also live the life. Thinking logically is essential factor to be the good lawyer.


     To be the lawyer is hard process. Passing the law school entrance exam is the key factor to be the lawyer. However as we focus the qualifications to the personal characters, I have three reasons which are fitted to be the lawyer. I've been interested in law and my law score in university is high. Also I think logically for solving the problem. With these reasons, I'm adjusted to be the lawyer.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lee Seongho / why I am qualified for a seafood restaurant manager. / Thursday56

Food is an essential part to the human. Every one eats food every day. So it is also very reasonable that there so many kinds of restaurants. In my case, I like seafood restaurant, I have had interest in seafood and visited many seafood restaurants. However, some restaurants served unfresh seafood and undelicious dishes with a poor service. Therefore, I want to become a seafood restaurant manager. And I am very sure that I am quite eligible for the job because I have integrity that does not allow me to serve unfresh food to customers, creativity that makes seafood dishes not only delicious but also unique and exotic; lastly, a servant leadership that educates my workers well in order that they can provide a better service.


First, I have so strong integrity about food. It is really important in seafood restaurant. It is not merely like sanitation. Of course seafood restaurants have to keep all the materials and utensils clean and in fact there are barely the seafood restaurants which have sanitary problems. However, essentially, those restaurant owners also seek profit as other businessmen do. So they sometimes write false origin or name of the seafood or serve a raw seafood dish which is made of dead seafood. It is also the well known fact that many seafood restaurant deceived customers by writhing as red seabream on the menu but serving silver gudgeon which is very cheap and from china instead of red seabream which is very expensive and delicious because two kinds of fish are very similar. But I have a belief that we should not joke by food. And I am also convinced that even if I stick to fresh materials and get deficit, my customer will know my effort and integrity and it will turn to my profit.  So I am very sure that I have integrity and I m quite eligible for this job.


Second, among the qualifications I have, a factor as important as integrity is creativity which makes customers delight by many special and different dishes. People will soon become sick and tired of it if restaurants adhere to steaming the lobster. However, even these days, there are not many restaurants trying new menus using seafood but they just follow and copy original recipes. They always steam or grill lobsters, crabs and shrimps and make only soup using a variety of shellfish. It is too dull and stale. Seafood is much more various and diverse than meat and vegetables. They can go inside any kind of dish. For example, some restaurant put a small lobster in a pasta dish, some made a cheese - baked shellfish and some baked  green bread made of seaweeds. So amazing ! I have so many creative ideas about mixing seafood with Italian, French, Korean, and American food and sauce; moreover I have already made many fusion dished by oysters, shrimps and octopus. Therefore, I have creativity and am qualified for a significant seafood restaurant manager.  


Lastly, I m confident I have a servant leadership that will make my workers willing to provide their full and genuine service. How to lead the workers is very crucial because all workers in each restaurant are educated to greet and treat the guests with a smile face and a respectful pose but all workers do not meet the manager's expectation. Instead, they look more awkward and artificial. They try to smile but the smile is not wholehearted. The reason is the leadership. A person is an emotional animal as well as intellectual animal. They can enough understand what the managers say but if the managers only force a good service without showing the paradigm, the workers' hearts will not be prepared for a better service. Then, what do I have to do? I have a good thought ,which is a servant leadership. It is a theory that leaders first serve and respect their subordinates. It can sound weird but it really works. When I worked in a luxurious hotel in Seoul, one manager educated me so nicely and he showed a lot first and I started working my best! Therefore, based on my experience and leadership, I will be leading my workers very well and that's why I m qualified for this job.    


In my conclusion, I believe I have 3 qualifications for a seafood restaurant manager. First, integrity will keep me constantly honest and scrupulous about the quality, origin and name marking of seafood, second creativity will let the customer enjoy exotic dishes and be satisfied ,and lastly, a servant leadership will lead my subordinates to a genuine and wholehearted service mind. though these qualifications, I will have been a uniquely eligible and prominent seafood restaurant manager.


201200440 Kim Minji/I have a dream/Thursday1-3pm

I have a dream


The lawyer is the enviable position. However, as law school had founded and they have produced many lawyers, it seems the lawyers are hard to make a lot of money as they did before. I admired lawyer since I was elementary school child. They seemed the fighters who save the people's life. Even the social position of lawyer decreases, I'd like to be a lawyer because lawyer could help the people more efficiently than other jobs. Also I'm qualified with this job because of three reasons. I'm interested in law, my grade of law is high, and I learned how to think logically.


     I like to read the book or watch the drama about lawyer. Especially, my favorite drama is Boston Legal. This is the drama which shows the Boston lawyers life and the way to win the suit. It inspired me to dream about the lawyer. I want to be like the main character who lives fancy life and wins the lawsuit. This interest leads me to read the book about lawyer and study what the lawyers do. Many people take a job just for earning money. Therefore having a job which you want is present. My interest in lawyer is the first reason that I'm qualified with this job.


International Economics & Law (IEL) is my major. I've learned economics, law and mathematics in HUFS. I thought that I was good at economics. However, after I had test, I found that the grade of economics were lowest among three subjects. I also found that the grade of law was good. Not only the score but the learning interest is higher in law. I like the way to solve the law problem and the various ways to win the suit were interesting. Also my test answer was chosen as answer sheet. It gave me confidence as I could be the lawyer.


     When I prepared for national college entrance exam, the language section was hard to study. I'm Korean but the score of language part was really low. I was confused how to solve the problem. Luckily, I learned the method of logical thinking. It's really simple but it gave me the high score. I thought the world as my view was the only answer, and that made problem. Logical thinking is the skill as finding what the examiner wants to ask. It doesn't care my opinion. It needs the fact. This skill helps me study law and also live the life. Thinking logically is essential factor to be the good lawyer.


     To be the lawyer is hard process. Passing the law school entrance exam is the key factor to be the lawyer. However as we focus the qualifications to the personal characters, I have three reasons which are fitted to be the lawyer. I've been interested in law and my law score in university is high. Also I think logically for solving the problem. With these reasons, I'm adjusted to be the lawyer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

201202968/임정연 Lim Jung-Yun/ Do I have what it takes? / Thurs56

Do I have what it takes?

Four years ago, I was a troubled high school senior trying to figure out what the next four years of my life would be like. Not at all surprisingly, more than half of my plans as a university student turned out to be mere dreams and failed realities. Now, with a year left till graduation, I am yet again faced with a life changing period in front of me. The future plans and decisions that I make this year in order to become a professional interpreter slash translator determine at least the next ten years of my life which means I have to come up with a pretty foolproof plan. In the meantime, I would have to take an objective look at myself and think if I have what it takes.

In terms of enthusiasm and passion, I feel that I make the cut. Admittedly I never dreamed of being a translator or an interpreter as a kid. When I was a sophomore, I was forced by school policy to choose a double major. I did not want to go for the easily most popular choice, economics or business administration, because for the life of me, I found such majors incredibly dull and life sucking. I was interested in other languages but not enough to take 54credits worth of lessons trying to learn one. So, as a last desperate resort, I chose English Interpretation and Translation. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying my lessons greatly. And not only did I find my classes interesting; my skills as an EIT student weren't too shabby as well. A positive circle where my enthusiasm boosted my skills and my skills began to improve because of my eagerness was created. Before my sophomore year was over, I seriously began to think of pursuing a career in the field and overtime it has grown into a burning passion and want within me.

 However, it pains me to realize that in terms of actual skill, I am but an amateur and a pretty average amateur at that. I have a year and a half till I take the entrance exam for EIT graduate school, the first major step into becoming a professional translator and interpreter, which is a generous amount of time. Regardless, I must not procrastinate and focus on improving my competence and ability. There are hundreds of people in the country who are just as passionate as I am and the only way I can surpass them is by skill not pure eagerness. I have talked with professors, alumni and peers regarding the field I want to pursue. Some say encouraging words while others leave me with a sinking heart, but what they all say in common is that regardless of your gender, age, or situation, it will not matter if you have impeccable skills. While this is pretty much universal advice in any career field, it does force me to look at myself in a harsh but objective perspective and push me to work harder in my skills.

Now, I am but a wannabe, but in a few years I hope to become the skillful translator I am striving hard to be now. It is hard to admit that I have a long way to go to even be qualified to pursue the career I wish to have but that only motivates me harder to not slack off. I just hope the me-in-a-year-and-a-half will be looking back at 2015 me with fondness and affection instead of bitter regret.


201200340 Do Young Kim / Area 51

I always gazed into the night sky and wondered what I want to do for a living every once in awhile and these nightly star gazing sessions have become more frequent as I moved closer towards my college graduation. After endless soul searching, I still couldn't reach a solution and I started to count the stars in the night sky. Then I started to wonder, how many stars are out there? How can I come up with a way to count them all and label them? Is this even possible? These questions have led me to conclude that I wanted to discover and explore new possibilities beyond Earth. I want to solve mysteries and wonders of the universe and expand our world beyond Earth. I desire to be the Sherlock Holmes of space.

My dream job is a but peculiar in the sense that I do not simply desire to be an astronaut or a space scientist. I want to discover and explore the universe myself like an astronaut would but I also desire to research the mysteries and wonders of the universe myself like a space scientist would at the same time. I desire to work in the field and in the lab in order to discover and research in every way humanly possible about the world beyond Earth. I want to be a field working consultant who has appropriate field training and lab knowledge that consults for various space agencies and research facilities.

The next big question is whether I have the qualifications and skills to get this job that my heart desires. The simple answer is no. On the surface, I have no space relevant education nor the experience to start my career in the field of aerospace science. I'm also quite old and already at the end of my college career as well and this means that my window of opportunity is even more narrow. I also have no training nor the connections to expedite my process to become the Sherlock Holmes of space. However, my desire, passion, and curiosity are the elements that suggest that I could indeed have this dream job of mine.

I desire to solve these mysteries and wonders of the universe and this desire is deeper than any other interest that I have ever shown to any subject in my life. I also have the passion that burns brighter than the sun towards discovery of world beyond Earth and I have the curiosity within me that is as infinite as space itself which makes me want to explore and search for answers that everyone else has failed to find. These three elements within me makes me certainly qualified for the job based purely on character.

There is a dilemma here. I am qualified for my dream job as a person but I am not qualified for my dream job as an expert. And father time is not on my side either as I am in my mid 20's. Some say I am still young but I don't think I am young enough to simply pursue my dream job which is completely irrelevant to my current education and skill set. Realistically speaking with given circumstances, my dream job will just stay merely as my dream job.

It's a shame that my dream job will never be realized due to the fact that I'm too much of a coward to take a blind leap of faith as my window of opportunity is so small. It could sound as a pathetic excuse to some but it is not so pathetic when I'm the one facing the dilemma of pursuing my dream versus survival in reality. However, I remain hopeful because my three elements of desire, passion, and curiosity will live on and as long as these live on within me, my window of opportunity will stay open no matter how small. I will go back to gazing at the stars in the night sky and counting the stars as I remain forever hopeful on turning my dream in to reality some day.

201200741 Jung Eun / The best mentor / Thurs 56

The most memorable mentor


         As for me, who is currently sent out on a part-time student teaching placement, (namely a 'practicum') in a middle school, the title of the essay seems to mean more meaningful than any other time. Although 'student teaching' lasts only four weeks, I have been obtaining a hands-on experience as a prospective teacher on what it's like to spend my lives as a teacher with students and fellow instructors at school. Not only have I been giving lectures but I also have been exercising control over students and have acquainted myself with them to strike up a rapport. While it has been two weeks since working as an intern for teaching, I became more certain in regards to whether or not I am qualified for becoming an English teacher as my future occupation. First, my extensive experience in self-education for English is serving as a great advantage as a lecturer. Additionally, my passionate love for taking care of students has been of a great assistance in fostering student's better discipline.


   To begin with, my considerable experience in self-education for English has become an invaluable asset in teaching students effectively. As I have never studied abroad in English-speaking countries, I accumulated a great deal of knowledge with respect to 'how to study English by ourselves' without counting on overseas education. While going through numerous trial and error myself, I developed unique strategies in what materials to use and during which stage should we apply such materials to hone student's English skills. Moreover, being aware of the kind of things which students find confounding in times of learning English has posed a positive influence on my ongoing lectures as a whole.


   Second, my unconditional love for looking after students has been of a great help in fostering student's better discipline. Throughout my whole academic year, I had met the single most memorable teacher in my life during the fourth year in elementary school. Though I had not been a student who stood out either for academic performance or from other physical aspects, he always paid close attention to every students and taught us with love and humor. As a student, his remark, gaze and his attention toward me inspired me every bit of my soul. As I fully appreciate how powerful the teacher's attitude toward respective students can be more than anyone else, I am confident in giving every attention to all students with care and loving heart that would in turn foster greater discipline of them.


  To sum up, I have two important causes for answering why I am qualified for becoming an English teacher. First, my extensive experience in self-education for English and second, my passionate love for taking care of students for their better discipline. By realizing how these capabilities are latent inside me I'm certain that I am fully qualified for becoming an English teacher as my future career.

201102687 Lee, Jun Ki / Man for the Job / Thur 1-3pm

Do you think what you 'want to' do and what you are 'good at doing' are same? Or do you think they are different? For me, I can say that I am lucky to find them matching. The job I am trying for, diplomat, requires 3 characteristic broad-mindedness, sociability, and talking skills. These 3 skills are something I am very confident at.


                  Firstly, broad-mindedness is a vital factor for a diplomat. Diplomats should be able to accept any culture that are existing. They have to interact with other nations without any personal feelings and stereotypes. For diplomat I think any culture should be considered 'different', not good or bad. I myself can confidently say that I have the broad-mindedness. Broad-mindedness is nothing difficult, but people naturally have trouble when faced with difference. I never say that I can or cannot understand some culture. When I 'try to understand', it already means that I am trying to judge them by my own standards. I just take them as how they are. I accept things as just how they are. If you think like this, there is no good or bad among differences.


                  Secondly, sociability is very important ability for a diplomat. Diplomat is professional at dealing with people from various backgrounds. For them they need to be able to associate with every citizen of world. Getting close with other people is a base for the field of diplomacy. Sociability is another characteristic that I have. I personally love meeting new people, and when I meet new people, it does not end by meeting them once or twice. I try to build personal tie with others once I met them. I basically try to be friend with them. The best part is that I enjoy this process. For example, I would start the class alone, but when the course ends, I always end up making 2 or 3 friends inside the class. If it is about meeting and knowing other people, I am the man for the job.


                  Lastly, diplomat is should be a specialist in talking skills. Their main job is to talk the ways so that 2 nations could collaborate together. Negotiation and talking skill is the above all necessity for a diplomat. Your job is to persuade other to work along with you or your nation. I have always had interest and skill in persuading people. I know how to talk through people. I can object to something without disturbing others, and I can send a crystal clear message in a more plausible way. I have a lot of debate and presentation experiences and I enjoy them. To me persuading a person is an exciting task.


                  In conclusion, to be a diplomat, sociability, broad-mindedness, and conversational skills are needed, and I have always thought that I have those abilities. Diplomat should not be an easy job, and its importance is growing as a result of globalization. However, one thing I can be certain about is that I will be able to 'enjoy' being a diplomat.


201102805 Lee Hanwook/ Qualifications for my dream job/ Thur56


How to become a good journalist


I always have dreamed of being a journalist. Although it is very competitive and hard work, it is also highly rewarding job. Journalism is the backbone of the society and is essential to the democracy. There are many kinds of journalism like print journalism, broadcasting, online journalism, and beyond. Whatever it is, all kinds of journalists need common traits. Among them, I have three special qualifications as a journalist. I have affection for writing, interest in the world, and a passion for learning new things.


First of all, I enjoy writing.  Journalism is all about writing and if I hated the writing, this would not be the right career for me. But I have loved writing stories since I was a child. In elementary school I wrote few short novels and showed them to my friends. I have been a writer and storyteller. Though I should enhance my writing skills to be the journalist, just the interest can be sufficient strength.


Secondly, I try to look all around the world carefully. Everyday experience of the world can be a source of news. So, good journalists observe the world with interest. I always try to find a story in my life by thinking that interesting events will come up at any time. I always carry a pen and a note, and write the interesting situations or ideas so that I do not forget about it. It could be the best habit for a journalist.


Lastly, I learn and absorb new things. In this fast-paced world, it is very important for a journalist to keep up with current situations and trends. In addition to reading newspapers or magazines every day, I grasp new trends through surfing the internet. Also I try to learn every day by meeting new people. Not only classes and professors, but also diverse people are invaluable sources of learning.


In conclusion, a journalist needs to learn new things and change them to one's own words. And I think I am right for that work. Of course, I cannot say that I am the perfect person for journalist. But as I choose to pursue this field, I will try to develop my talent and keep my passion to bear the hard challenges.

201581012 Jihyun Lee / classification essay / Thurs 56

Self- Analysis for My Dream


As our parents' generation, many students tried to study hard and increase their abilities to get a job they want. However, now it becomes more difficult to get a job as Korean unemployment rate is continuously higher. One of the reasons is that the qualification that companies need also become quite complicated. I try to make myself suitable to the companies. Actually, I would like to be a tourism ambassador of Korea. I think it is important to know what my strengths and weaknesses are, so I would like to use a personal SWOT analysis that contains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to show the abilities I possess for my potential career.

At first, I would like to tell one of my strengths: that is communication skills. It is really important is in society itself. Languages are not the only way to communicate. I think communication include gesture, attitude, way of speaking and the look of person. The most important part of communication skills is 'listening courteously'. Almost everyone said to me that I am good at expressing sympathy and listening to others carefully. As we should live among people, communication skills will be a competitive advantage to me.

             On the contrary, my weak point is less business practice career. There are some trivial experiences, but that is not related to job I want. So I should try internship program in school to build my career. One year ago, I have missed some opportunity to go internship abroad because that time I could not sure about my dream. Moreover, I should find more information about Korea Tourism Organization.

             Lastly, there are few opportunities and threats to me. I am still young so, it is not late to start anything. This can be my opportunity. Though I have some weakness, I can fulfill those things because I am learning. On the other hand, like the preceding, the biggest threat is unemployment crisis. I should break through job crisis to have competitive power. According to the economist in Korea, lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in today's job market.

             In conclusion, I analyzed my abilities through the SWOT analysis. It shows I should improve more and make myself more perfect. My mentor said to me 'Like environment is the value of gold once it is developed, human beings are also the life of gold once they are developed.'  Therefore, I will try hard to make my life meritoriously.

Gayoung Kim / I am a Born Lawyer / Thu 1~3 p.m.

I am a Born Lawyer


Law is the basis of a civilized society. Law organizes country and maintains peace and order. It also defends justice and protects the weak. Trust will vanish and community will collapse without law. For these reasons, I've always wanted to be a lawyer. And I believe that I'm suitable for the job. Because I have a strong sense of justice, I always try to help weak people, and I am good at speech or argument.

First, my sense of justice would be helpful to work as a lawyer. In fact, this is my strongest ability among others I have. I observe laws thoroughly. To put it concretely, I have never thrown trash on streets or jaywalked since I realize these are illegal. Once, it was 3 in the morning and there were no cars on the road. I had to wait for another minute until traffic light turns to green. No one was watching. But, I stood still in place without hesitation and waited to the light goes green.

Second, I do not turn my face from weak people. I think one of the biggest reasons that law was created is to protect the weak. For example, I fought with a waitress in a café, due to I'm so passionate to help weak person and that was also my foreign friend. She was from Brazil and her Korean was not very good at that time. My friend went into this café. After she ordered a cup of tea, she asked WIFI password to a waitress. But the waitress said "Only Korean can use café's WIFI". I was furious of that unreasonable discrimination and fought with the waitress even I hate speak loudly in public place.

Lastly, I am excellent in giving a speech or having an argument. I don't know why, but when I speak or argue in front of others, I feel full of confidence. I first experience this freshman year in this university. It was my first presentation at university. I was nervous to at first. But as soon as I started it, my calm and assured voice flew in the classroom. Also, I made most of the classmates concentrate to the end of the presentation. Furthermore, I could think out answers on the spot for a hard question that my professor asked after the performance.

In conclusion, I think I am qualified for a lawyer. Not only I have dreamed of defending justice, protecting the weak, and speaking in front of people, but also I have practiced these through my life. Most of all, I can hear the voice deep inside of me that tell me that I can make many people happy as a lawyer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

201101481 Park Jean/ Qualifications for my dream job/ Thur56

Producer's 3 Qualifications


   When I registered for the spring semester this year, I had concerns about my dream, to be exact, what kind of job I should look for in the near future. Of course the most significant part is how much I can be grateful and be fond of to work in that area. There are other factors, however, to be thought such as personalities, major, working experiences and I have concluded that considering all the factors synthetically, a broadcast producer is my dream job. I believe that I fit perfectly with all those qualifications to be a producer.


   First of all, since I was a very young girl, I have always dreamed of performing on a stage and have my name credited. If I think back now, it meant that I hoped to be noticed and remembered from other people that I've never met before. That uncompleted dream has now turned into making creative contents so that I can bequeath my work and name in next generations. I think producer is the perfect career to achieve my dream and since I already have a passion and vision to be the great contents creator, I'll be qualified enough to be a program producer.


   Furthermore, a producer is in the position where it needs a leadership and responsibility to direct and navigate the whole program team. In addition, producer's work load is known to be massive and it's just unimaginable to follow daily routines with regularity. All these facts considered, I think I'm qualified because I have a characteristic to handle all those tough conditions that has mentioned. I tend to be very patient on anything once I start the work and do not blame on others or whine at my environment.


   Lastly I think my major is also one of the strong points to show that I'm qualified to be a producer. I major in media communication department, specifically the journalism area. Although major is not considered as the most important part to apply for a certain job but it's definitely helpful if you know some academic knowledge regarding to that field. From the past four years of learning, I believe I understood the basic theories and process of how mass communication works and how I should develop all the learning through a real practice.


   In conclusion, at this moment, my dream job is a broadcast producer, both producing and directing a program. I feel myself is ready to experience and devote my life in that working field and I'm confident because my personality, major and internal desire just matches with the working conditions of producer. Although recruiting a producer is very rare and even they prefer experienced people, I'll give it a try to achieve my goal and be satisfied with my job. If I put my time and efforts on work that I can enjoy then success will follow automatically.


Bae Young Ha/Three qualifications for being a merchandiser/Thursday 56

TOEIC scores, internship experiences, GPA and the university you graduated from are considered important qualifications in the job market. Those are proofs of capability that you can make use of when you write your resume. But they are not all we can prove. People have their own personal traits so employers interview applicants to check their characteristics. I also have my own characteristics that I think helps me to be a competitive applicant in the job market. Especially I want to be a merchandiser which requires endurance, a drive, and responsibility, all of which I have.

First, I can endure lots of stress and I'm tolerant. Sometimes I endure so much stress that feel pain physically. For example, when I was a sophomore there were once a huge amount of assignments and even final exams. I had not enough time. After all, I stayed up two nights in a row handling the homework and studying for the final. It was really stressful. I ran out of my physical strength as well but I endured. At the end I got a scholarship for my good GPA for that semester.

Secondly, I have a strong drive. If I have something to gain or achieve, I go straight for it. There was a time I worked at a police office. At that time I really needed to make foreign friends and talk in English. And there was an English café in our neighborhood. When it was a holiday, I went into the café by myself. And I got to talk with the manager of the café. She suggested to me working as a part-timer so I came to work there. Working there I made a lot of foreign friends and had many chances to talk in English. In this way I put my craving into practice and gained what I wanted.

Lastly, I'm responsible for what I take on. There are people who easily gives up difficult duties they've taken. I don't do away with the things that I've taken charge of. Once I worked for a private institution and I came to teach English to elementary school students. The students was really hard to handle. They didn't even try to listen to me and didn't study much. At first I wanted to give up. But I knew I had to finish what I've started. I didn't have a magic to make them focus on my lecture. However, I kept struggling to give them more quality and fun lectures. On their midterm, my and their efforts bore fruits. English scores my students got rose up no matter how much. So I felt that if I don't give up on what I've taken responsibility of, someday it brings me better results.

Merchandisers' job is managing the whole process of making products including planning, buying and selling. To be a merchandiser, you should endure lots of stress because its job gives me much stress. To plan the strategy as a merchandiser, you should have a strong drive. Also being a merchandiser requires great responsibility. I think I have what it takes to be a merchandiser although there are a lot of things that I need to improve.


201202029 Oh Ga-yeong/ why I am qualified for my future career/ Tursday 1-3 p.m.

3 things needed for my future career

     A dream job, for me, it's public enterprises. Public enterprises mean the companies which are operated by the government or the local government for the public welfare. In other words, public enterprises aim at public interests. Year by year, the number of people who want to enter public enterprises is increasing. It's because public corporations not only provide high wages but also benefits package to their employees. For these reasons, I also want to be employed by these companies and I think that I'm qualified for this job. I believe that I am suitable for these companies because they highly appreciate applicants' language skills, because they don't want their applicants to have unique personality, and because they want honest and earnest people.

     Firstly, public enterprises want their applicants to have fluent language skills. Scores of TOEIC or TOEFL are basically required. In addition, scores of other language proficiency tests like JLPT and HSK are considered. In case of me, I have learned English for about 10 years like most Korean students so even though I cannot speak English fluently, I can read and write something in English anyhow. I can also speak Japanese because I have learned it for three years when I was in high school. To get additional points when I submit the application, I plan to take JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) soon. Furthermore, I can speak French also because my current major in the university is French. Because I can speak four languages(Korean, English, Japanese, French), I think that employers in public corporations will be content.

     Secondly, public enterprises don't want people who have unique personality in contrast to private enterprises. In case of many private enterprises, they want innovative person so applicants need to have unique personality, unique experience. However, public enterprises want people who are submissive and tidy. I believe that employers in public companies will prefer my personality than the employers in private companies. It's because I have banal personality and have lived an ordinary life. My personality which can be shown negatively to private companies will be highly appreciated when I apply for the public corporation.

     Lastly, public enterprises want their applicants to be honest and earnest. Public companies operate for public interests. So their business has to be clean and transparent. Then, for sure, members of the companies have to be also honest and clean. From when I was young, my life motto was to live right and honestly. I cannot lie and deceive others. Also, my only strength is earnestness. I have never been late for class and I always have done my homework by its deadline. My earnestness and honesty will be advantages for entering public companies.

     In one or two years, I want to be hired in a public enterprise which is a dream job for me. I think that it is not impossible job for me because of three reasons. First, they demand language skills and I can speak four language even though I cannot speak fluently. Secondly, they want people who don't have unique personality and I have lived an ordinary life. Thirdly, they want people who are honest and earnest and I don't have to be worried about that. For sure, I cannot be sure that I will be chosen by employers in public enterprises but anyway, I will put my best efforts to enter a public enterprise that I want.



DongYi Kang/ Traits Ideal for an Entrepreneur/ Thurs1-3pm

            I had submitted about 4 or 5 university applications to various universities 3 years ago, and every one of them was an application for a business major. I have never doubted my major or my career. I have always been attracted by successful and unsuccessful business cases and have been eager to jump at any opportunity for business. I believe that I have several traits that make me apt for business.

            First of all, I have always been in interested in business, and probed the philosophy of business for as long as I can remember. My notion of business is this – make the best product possible to fit the needs of the consumers, and sell the product at the proper and rational price, not the maximum price. I believe in the value of 'good deals'. I believe that such trade is the thing that keeps consumers coming back.


            Secondly, I am much familiar with numbers. I take pleasure in the act of calculating things and deducting conclusions from fluctuations of figures. Ever since I was a little child, I willingly recorded all the financial expenditures, gains and losses carefully, calculating the averages and trends. I believe that such habits and tendency will be useful in business. After all, everything in business is about numbers – depreciation, cost of goods sold, inventory, etc.

            Lastly, I always have been a salesman. Consumers need to be presented with proper reasons to purchase something. They need to be persuaded, not tricked. I observed the needs of the people around myself carefully to see what they truly want and what products will solve their needs. When I was 16, I realized that the jewelry sold in South Korea was unreasonably expensive. Searching the web, I realized that they were one-tenth of the price on ebay, mostly made in China. I collected a small portion of money in the bank deposit and started to buy the popular jewelry from ebay. I sold them at half the price sold on the internet shopping malls in South Korea, and they were a hit. I earned a quite a sum of money, which I happily spent away.

             To sum up, the characteristics that I proudly feel will suit me to my dream job are the entrepreneur thinking that allows me to form business strategies, familiarity and eagerness with numbers, and the ability to catch up with trends and utilize them.

Monday, May 18, 2015

21001256 SeoHee Park/ Abilities for my potential career/Thursday 56

Abilities for my potential career

My dream is to work at the embassy. I always wanted to work there but I still don't know in which country. I hope to work at the Spain embassy or another embassy related with Spanish language. I'm hoping to work at the administration area; the qualifications for this area aren't complicated in comparison of the requirements to be a diplomat. Therefore, I am qualified for this job. The embassy requires a person graduated of a 4 year course college with foreign language courses, a person who can speak Spanish and knows about the culture of the embassy's country and someone who can live in other country for a long time.

First of all, is essential to graduate in a 4 year course college with foreign language courses. Now, I am studying at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies which is a 4 year course college, my major is Spanish and my second major is ETI so almost all of my courses are in foreign language. As we know our college is in the top ten universities of South Korea and is the number one on foreign language studies. These qualify the basic requirement to work at the embassy in the administration area or also in the management area. Even though, I am not graduated yet so I have to work hard to get good grades before graduate because the embassy could hire a person with better grades.

Is necessary to speak Spanish in a high level, also have the cultural knowledge of the embassy's country. For example, the Chilean or Colombian embassy in South Korea, the employees speaks each other in Spanish even they are Koreans. This is because there are also Chilean or Colombian people working together so it makes necessary to be fluent at the language. And obviously to be fluent at the language is for basis to have a cultural knowledge. In my case I've been living in Mexico City for fifteen years so I don't have difficulties on working in Spanish and I'd acquired enough knowledge of Latin American culture living there, also I've learned about Spanish culture on my Spanish career. So I think that this is the biggest ability that I have in comparison of the other requirements.

A person who works at the embassy needs to be able to work abroad for a long time. This sounds very simple but actually this is difficult because we have to start a new life in another country. Also we don't know when we're going to come back to our country if we work as a permanent employee. If I got hired I would fly everywhere and I also don't mind about the residence time. I have experience living in other countries for a long time so I love learning about other cultures and staying in different countries. Also we have to be healthy and legally clean. I am sure by now that I am healthy and I don't have still any problems legally, so I could be able to work abroad for a several time.


To conclude, I mentioned about the requirements to work at the embassy and I explained how qualified I am for those requirements as giving an explication of how's my college, the level of my Spanish, how I get the cultural knowledge and my position about living abroad. It is very hard to define myself if I am qualified or not, but I tried to be positive. So I hope that other students could find their abilities and be positive about them. 

Lee Seongho/[Final Draft]Copyright And Theft On The Internet/ Thursday 56

Due to CCTV, Security and increased civic consciousness, theft rate is decreasing in the real world. However, in the cyber world, ironically, it is not so. As the internet has easy access to any files and lack of crackdown of the illegal download, a countless number of things are being stolen every second on the internet. Representatively, the movie, music, and user created content are the most victims of the internet illegal downloadin and have to be protected because they are evidently income sources and they have the copyright.


First, the movie should be protected. Because, since 1900s, the movie has become one of the biggest  industries; So, many kinds of job have happened and the number has become so big as well. As all the people in the movie industry are paid by the income from the movies, the originality of the movie, actor and actress, movie director and all extra actors became so important; and then, the copyright law has been established. However some people do not even hesitate to download the movies because they just can find the movies on the internet and it, sooner or later brings out a huge loss and violation of the copyright. So, downloading the movie without payment is illegal, that is, theft! Therefore, illegal downloading sites should be cracked down, legal downloading sites should be activated as a right culture and illegal downloaders and uploaders should be punished as the degree of their crimes.


Secondly, The music is also a similar thing to the movie. Because, like movies, the music has been a big market in the online and offline too. So, the income from the music also has become considerable, not to mention the originality of each singer. However, the music is much easier to download through the internet than to download the movie because the file volume of the music is far smaller than that of the movie. Therefore, many people just come by the music, without permission, only with clicking the simple button in the website. So, more people in the music industry get so much loss that they can not make ends meet and the copyright law is violated easier. So there should be more strict law protecting music copyright and the proper website selling the music legally and we also have change our consciousness toward the music no matter how small its file volume is. 


The last one that should be protected is UCC. The reason is that ,In 2000s, as various SNSs and video sites have occurred, user created contents(abbreviated UCC) have been thriving. There have happened many individual creators and corporate marketing advertisement makers. However, at first glance, UCC are slight and small thing because they are just posted in any places even without the mark of makers or even the contents with the name mark are too short. Therefore, some people plagiarize or use the contents for their own benefit. it is clearly a crime. Because of that, many creators get loss. For examples, Some UCC are for advertisement and some are UCC made to be posted in a blog, Facebook or site and all they have some income from advertisement and their own originality and copyright. So UCC protection law should be established and the public awareness and respect to UCC copyright should be solid.


In my conclusion​, copyright, movies, music and UCC are evidently so big industries that all they have play roles as income source and they have the originality and copyright. So, It has become clear that all they have to be protected and illegal downloading and uploading are all a crime, that is, evidently theft. The law protecting the income from the movie,music and UCC should be established properly, and all individuals have to be conscious toward the copyright of movies, music and UCC in order to respect and acknowledge the creators and to make a more proper and civil internet culture.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

200902292 Kwanhyung Lee/legality on sharing copyrighted materials/thursday 56

Legality on sharing copyrighted materials


Have you ever got caught trying to download any pornography or sexual contents in the Internet? You do think it is wrongful to do so, but you keep downloading it because it is addictive. Now the government has passed a law that all sexual contents, and who upload and download them are deemed to be punished. As so, piracy in the Internet is widespread nowadays, and every administration are trying to set rules against those who practice illegal downloading or sharing copyrighted materials from the Internet. It can be said that it is justified to put legal measures against individuals who are involved in piracy, but not to a far extent.

             The justification for punishing individuals who upload and download in the Internet is that some of those contents and materials are private properties. It is believed that one's human rights to own their properties without any appropriation, especially in a capitalist market. If a person illegally upload or download a property, they are deemed to be penalized just as people trying to steal real assets, such as car, money, house, jewelry and so on. It cannot be exempted because it is an intangible asset and exists in a virtual world. As Alvin Toffler claimed about the information era and the 3rd wave in the world, we have to take serious attention about every piece of information that is around the net. To explain the gravity of the situation, one illustration could be an employee leaking corporate information to its competitors. If the employee was involved in embezzlement, it could be some amount of money that could be stolen, and forgotten. However if it was corporate information, for example a manual on computer chips, the competitors can exactly produce the chips and the loss will last until the competitor die out. Hence, it can be said that a piece of material floating around the Internet can be very important, more than real assets, and we have to take extreme caution about its security.

             On the other hand, I believe that creating information property measures too strictly on the web can cause much expenses and it can be hard to figure out the protected material to the unprotected if we try to put too much regulations. First off, if individuals try to salvage their properties on the web in an excess way, I believe that it could cause tons of sunk costs. If a company has a line of film that has hundred different versions, it can be wasteful trying to protect every single one. It could be special edition, uncut movie, behind the scene, sorted by ratings and so on and so forth. If the producer tries to put a seal every one of them, they could be spending massive amount of opportunity cost of investing other films of different genres. In addition, if the information and materials are overly protected, I believe that it will be hard for the court to figure out which one is which of the protected and unprotected. Also if a company files a law suit against a competitor and both of them have similar covers for their intellectual property, it can be a time-consuming and costly fight for them. For example, the long fight between Apple vs. Samsung have ended with both of them with astronomical costs for the lawsuit, without any fruitful results.

             To conclude, it is a great idea to regulate individuals who are involved in piracy over the web, trying to make off with copyrighted materials and intellectual properties. But I believe that if they are measured overly excessive, it could be just overwhelming and costly. In an information era we are living nowadays, it is essential to understand the concept of properties over the web, and try to regulate the properties with more caution and care.