Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gayoung Kim / What Is Wrong With the Copyright Law / Thu 1~3 p.m.

What Is Wrong With the Copyright Law


With the advent of information society, the importance of knowledge is being emphasized. As retaining information is regarded as competitiveness, copyright issue is surfaced. If someone has copyright on a piece of writing or music, it is illegal to reproduce or perform it without their permission. Many authors insist it is legitimate to strengthen the protection of copyright however it raises a lot of problems in fact; due to the copyright law is in collision with characteristics of knowledge, its restriction is unreasonable, and it has become a tool for huge media enterprises to monopolize profits.

Firstly, the concept of copyright law is against to feature of knowledge. Unlike material resources, knowledge doesn't diminish. As more people use information, its value climbs and different knowledge and cultures spin off from sharing it. But the copyright law encourages exclusive possession and poses a threat to this great characteristic. Knowledge is being commercialized and capitalism is invading information market. As a result, the development of knowledge and progress of mankind is being blockaded.

Second, the law restricts reproduction of information too excessively, so that it makes contradiction. The copyright law protects "original and creative work and author". But it is difficult to define which work should be sorted as "creative work". Also, some argue that pure originality doesn't exist because making something out of nothing is impossible. Furthermore, the "individual use" that the law is banning includes educational and non-commercial use.

At last, monopolistic companies abuse the copyright law to accumulate wealth. Media industry all around the world is running by several monopolies. So the profits generated under the current law only go to the strong in the market and they threaten even the livelihood of young rising authors. A claim that makers should be rewarded seems fair, but they need direct funds supply, such as support funding and steady income, not the ineffective copyright policy.

In conclusion, there is a certain necessity to protect artists in our society however the copyright law is not the answer for it. The development of affluent knowledge society is being hindered by the impractical law which does not reflect reality and sides with a few giant corporations. We should aim at free and creative media environment with actual respect and thanks to creators.

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  1. I don't understand what you mean by "lack of supporting details". I read the actual copyright law and many articles about the issue, then wrote the supporting ideas. I don't know which part confuses you, but if you have time read it again.