Wednesday, May 20, 2015

201581012 Jihyun Lee / classification essay / Thurs 56

Self- Analysis for My Dream


As our parents' generation, many students tried to study hard and increase their abilities to get a job they want. However, now it becomes more difficult to get a job as Korean unemployment rate is continuously higher. One of the reasons is that the qualification that companies need also become quite complicated. I try to make myself suitable to the companies. Actually, I would like to be a tourism ambassador of Korea. I think it is important to know what my strengths and weaknesses are, so I would like to use a personal SWOT analysis that contains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to show the abilities I possess for my potential career.

At first, I would like to tell one of my strengths: that is communication skills. It is really important is in society itself. Languages are not the only way to communicate. I think communication include gesture, attitude, way of speaking and the look of person. The most important part of communication skills is 'listening courteously'. Almost everyone said to me that I am good at expressing sympathy and listening to others carefully. As we should live among people, communication skills will be a competitive advantage to me.

             On the contrary, my weak point is less business practice career. There are some trivial experiences, but that is not related to job I want. So I should try internship program in school to build my career. One year ago, I have missed some opportunity to go internship abroad because that time I could not sure about my dream. Moreover, I should find more information about Korea Tourism Organization.

             Lastly, there are few opportunities and threats to me. I am still young so, it is not late to start anything. This can be my opportunity. Though I have some weakness, I can fulfill those things because I am learning. On the other hand, like the preceding, the biggest threat is unemployment crisis. I should break through job crisis to have competitive power. According to the economist in Korea, lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in today's job market.

             In conclusion, I analyzed my abilities through the SWOT analysis. It shows I should improve more and make myself more perfect. My mentor said to me 'Like environment is the value of gold once it is developed, human beings are also the life of gold once they are developed.'  Therefore, I will try hard to make my life meritoriously.

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