Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20120440 Kim Minji/I have a dream(Second draft)/Thursday1-3pm


I have a dream


The lawyer was the enviable position. However, as law school had founded and they have produced many lawyers, it seems the lawyers are hard to make a lot of money as they did before. Also there social position decreases as the number of the lawyer increases. I admired lawyer since I was elementary school child. They seemed the fighters who save the honest people caught up in the law. I've dreamed to be a lawyer because lawyer could help the people more efficiently than other jobs. Also I'm qualified with this job because of three reasons. I'm interested in law, my grade of law is high, and I learned how to think logically.


     I like to read the book or watch the drama about lawyer. Especially, my favorite drama is Boston Legal. This is the drama which shows the Boston lawyers' life and the way they win the suit. It inspired me to dream about the lawyer. I want to be like the main character who lives fancy life and wins the lawsuit. This interest leads me to read the book about lawyer and study what the lawyers do. Many people take a job just for earning money. Therefore having a job because you want not for money but for your interest is present. My interest in lawyer is the first reason that I'm qualified with this job.


International Economics & Law (IEL) is my major. I've learned economics, law and mathematics in HUFS. I thought that I was good at economics. However, after I took first test in HUFS, I found that the grade of economics were lowest among three subjects. I also found that the grade of law was best. Not only the score but the learning interest is higher in law. I like the way to solve the law problem and the various ways to win the suit were interesting. Also my test answer was chosen as answer sheet. It gave me confidence as I could be the lawyer.


     When I prepared for national college entrance exam, the language section was hard to study. I'm Korean but the score of language part was really low. I was confused how to solve the problem. Luckily, I learned the method of logical thinking. It's really simple but it gave me the high score. I thought the world as my view was the only answer, and that made problem. Logical thinking is the skill as finding what the examiner wants to ask. It doesn't care my opinion. It needs the fact. This skill helps me study law and also live the life. Thinking logically is essential factor to be the good lawyer.


     To be the lawyer is hard process. Passing the law school entrance exam is the key factor to be the lawyer. However as we focus the qualifications to the personal characters, I have three reasons which are fitted to be the lawyer. I've been interested in law and my law score in university is high. Also I think logically for solving the problem. With these reasons, I'm adjusted to be the lawyer.

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