Monday, May 18, 2015

Lee Seongho/[Final Draft]Copyright And Theft On The Internet/ Thursday 56

Due to CCTV, Security and increased civic consciousness, theft rate is decreasing in the real world. However, in the cyber world, ironically, it is not so. As the internet has easy access to any files and lack of crackdown of the illegal download, a countless number of things are being stolen every second on the internet. Representatively, the movie, music, and user created content are the most victims of the internet illegal downloadin and have to be protected because they are evidently income sources and they have the copyright.


First, the movie should be protected. Because, since 1900s, the movie has become one of the biggest  industries; So, many kinds of job have happened and the number has become so big as well. As all the people in the movie industry are paid by the income from the movies, the originality of the movie, actor and actress, movie director and all extra actors became so important; and then, the copyright law has been established. However some people do not even hesitate to download the movies because they just can find the movies on the internet and it, sooner or later brings out a huge loss and violation of the copyright. So, downloading the movie without payment is illegal, that is, theft! Therefore, illegal downloading sites should be cracked down, legal downloading sites should be activated as a right culture and illegal downloaders and uploaders should be punished as the degree of their crimes.


Secondly, The music is also a similar thing to the movie. Because, like movies, the music has been a big market in the online and offline too. So, the income from the music also has become considerable, not to mention the originality of each singer. However, the music is much easier to download through the internet than to download the movie because the file volume of the music is far smaller than that of the movie. Therefore, many people just come by the music, without permission, only with clicking the simple button in the website. So, more people in the music industry get so much loss that they can not make ends meet and the copyright law is violated easier. So there should be more strict law protecting music copyright and the proper website selling the music legally and we also have change our consciousness toward the music no matter how small its file volume is. 


The last one that should be protected is UCC. The reason is that ,In 2000s, as various SNSs and video sites have occurred, user created contents(abbreviated UCC) have been thriving. There have happened many individual creators and corporate marketing advertisement makers. However, at first glance, UCC are slight and small thing because they are just posted in any places even without the mark of makers or even the contents with the name mark are too short. Therefore, some people plagiarize or use the contents for their own benefit. it is clearly a crime. Because of that, many creators get loss. For examples, Some UCC are for advertisement and some are UCC made to be posted in a blog, Facebook or site and all they have some income from advertisement and their own originality and copyright. So UCC protection law should be established and the public awareness and respect to UCC copyright should be solid.


In my conclusion​, copyright, movies, music and UCC are evidently so big industries that all they have play roles as income source and they have the originality and copyright. So, It has become clear that all they have to be protected and illegal downloading and uploading are all a crime, that is, evidently theft. The law protecting the income from the movie,music and UCC should be established properly, and all individuals have to be conscious toward the copyright of movies, music and UCC in order to respect and acknowledge the creators and to make a more proper and civil internet culture.


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