Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lee Seongho / why I am qualified for a seafood restaurant manager. / Thursday56

Food is an essential part to the human. Every one eats food every day. So it is also very reasonable that there so many kinds of restaurants. In my case, I like seafood restaurant, I have had interest in seafood and visited many seafood restaurants. However, some restaurants served unfresh seafood and undelicious dishes with a poor service. Therefore, I want to become a seafood restaurant manager. And I am very sure that I am quite eligible for the job because I have integrity that does not allow me to serve unfresh food to customers, creativity that makes seafood dishes not only delicious but also unique and exotic; lastly, a servant leadership that educates my workers well in order that they can provide a better service.


First, I have so strong integrity about food. It is really important in seafood restaurant. It is not merely like sanitation. Of course seafood restaurants have to keep all the materials and utensils clean and in fact there are barely the seafood restaurants which have sanitary problems. However, essentially, those restaurant owners also seek profit as other businessmen do. So they sometimes write false origin or name of the seafood or serve a raw seafood dish which is made of dead seafood. It is also the well known fact that many seafood restaurant deceived customers by writhing as red seabream on the menu but serving silver gudgeon which is very cheap and from china instead of red seabream which is very expensive and delicious because two kinds of fish are very similar. But I have a belief that we should not joke by food. And I am also convinced that even if I stick to fresh materials and get deficit, my customer will know my effort and integrity and it will turn to my profit.  So I am very sure that I have integrity and I m quite eligible for this job.


Second, among the qualifications I have, a factor as important as integrity is creativity which makes customers delight by many special and different dishes. People will soon become sick and tired of it if restaurants adhere to steaming the lobster. However, even these days, there are not many restaurants trying new menus using seafood but they just follow and copy original recipes. They always steam or grill lobsters, crabs and shrimps and make only soup using a variety of shellfish. It is too dull and stale. Seafood is much more various and diverse than meat and vegetables. They can go inside any kind of dish. For example, some restaurant put a small lobster in a pasta dish, some made a cheese - baked shellfish and some baked  green bread made of seaweeds. So amazing ! I have so many creative ideas about mixing seafood with Italian, French, Korean, and American food and sauce; moreover I have already made many fusion dished by oysters, shrimps and octopus. Therefore, I have creativity and am qualified for a significant seafood restaurant manager.  


Lastly, I m confident I have a servant leadership that will make my workers willing to provide their full and genuine service. How to lead the workers is very crucial because all workers in each restaurant are educated to greet and treat the guests with a smile face and a respectful pose but all workers do not meet the manager's expectation. Instead, they look more awkward and artificial. They try to smile but the smile is not wholehearted. The reason is the leadership. A person is an emotional animal as well as intellectual animal. They can enough understand what the managers say but if the managers only force a good service without showing the paradigm, the workers' hearts will not be prepared for a better service. Then, what do I have to do? I have a good thought ,which is a servant leadership. It is a theory that leaders first serve and respect their subordinates. It can sound weird but it really works. When I worked in a luxurious hotel in Seoul, one manager educated me so nicely and he showed a lot first and I started working my best! Therefore, based on my experience and leadership, I will be leading my workers very well and that's why I m qualified for this job.    


In my conclusion, I believe I have 3 qualifications for a seafood restaurant manager. First, integrity will keep me constantly honest and scrupulous about the quality, origin and name marking of seafood, second creativity will let the customer enjoy exotic dishes and be satisfied ,and lastly, a servant leadership will lead my subordinates to a genuine and wholehearted service mind. though these qualifications, I will have been a uniquely eligible and prominent seafood restaurant manager.


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  1. Gayoung Kim | Seafood restaurant manager! How awesome and creative it is! I enjoyed your writing, You made a quite good classification with clear categories. But I think paragraphs are a bit long. Maybe you can connect some sentences in more meaningful words. Anyways, thanks for sharing!