Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lee Seongho/Copyright And Theft On The Internet/ Thursday 56

Due to CCTV, Security and increased civic consciousness, Theft rate is decreasing in the real world. However, in the cyber world, ironically, it is not so. As the internet has easy access to any files and lack of property safe guards, a countless number of things are being stolen every second on the internet. Representatively, Movies, music, and user created contents are the most victim of internet illegal downloading and have their own reasons to be protected as individuals' property.


Since 1900s, movies have become one of the biggest internet industries. Accordingly, many kinds of job happened and the number is also big. And of course, all the people in the movie industry are paid by the income from the movies. However some people do not even hesitate to download the movies made by every drop of movie makers, actors, actresses, extras, and all staff. Yes, as I mentioned above, due to the fact movies are the main income of some jobs, downloading them without pay is illegal, that is, theft! So, first, illegal downloading sites should be cracked down, legal downloading sites should be activated as a right culture and illegal downloaders and uploaders should be punished as the degree of their crimes.


Music can not be omitted when it comes to cyber industries. Like movies, there are so many people who earn money by music. However the real reason why the copyright protection and copyright fee providing are important is that there are more musicians who just make ends meet or even have no enough income by music than otherwise. Moreover, in that the music files have relatively small volume, many download music very easily and as fast as they don't realize that they are stealing. So there should be more strict law protecting music copyright and providing the copyright fee in the music industry and we also have change our consciousness toward music so properly that we can recognize and acknowledge the copyright of music.


In 2000s, as various SNSs and video sites occurred, user created contents(abbreviated UCC) have been thriving. There may be individual creators and corporate marketing advertisement makers. At first glance, UCC are slight and small thing because they are just posted in any places even without the mark of makers. Yes in that case, we will have no problems in taking them. But some are not merely trivial matters. Some UCC for advertisement and some UCC individual creators made to post in their blog, Facebook or site have, strictly, their own copyright. So those who plagiarize others' UCC and post them in their places with pretending to have made them themselves and then get some profit should be punished.


Hitherto, of divers kinds of things having copyright, movies, music and UCC were focused and It has become clear that all they have to be protected and illegal downloading and uploading as well are all a crime, that is, evidently theft. The policy about the internet should be set relevantly, especially all individuals have to be conscious toward the copyright of movies, music and UCC in order to respect the creators and make a more proper and civil internet culture.


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  1. You made good arguments in your essay but I can't seem to find clear topic sentences that concern thesis statement in each body paragraph. First sentences in each paragraph don't appear to be argumentative sense of topic sentences to me but rather a simple fact (This is intensely my personal opinion so please don't take it seriously). However, I'm impressed by the kind of logical ideas you made in the essay. Supporting details are relevent with the first sentences and therefore have coherence in each body paragraph. All three paragraphs have unity as a whole in accordance with the thesis statement in the introduction part. Thanks for sharing!