Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Do I have what it takes?

Four years ago, I was a troubled high school senior trying to figure out what the next four years of my life would be like. Not at all surprisingly, more than half of my plans as a university student turned out to be mere dreams and failed realities. Now, with a year left till graduation, I am yet again faced with a life changing period in front of me. The future plans and decisions that I make this year in order to become a professional interpreter slash translator determine at least the next ten years of my life which means I have to come up with a pretty foolproof plan. In the meantime, I would have to take an objective look at myself and think if I have what it takes.

In terms of enthusiasm and passion, I feel that I make the cut. Admittedly I never dreamed of being a translator or an interpreter as a kid. When I was a sophomore, I was forced by school policy to choose a double major. I did not want to go for the easily most popular choice, economics or business administration, because for the life of me, I found such majors incredibly dull and life sucking. I was interested in other languages but not enough to take 54credits worth of lessons trying to learn one. So, as a last desperate resort, I chose English Interpretation and Translation. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying my lessons greatly. And not only did I find my classes interesting; my skills as an EIT student weren't too shabby as well. A positive circle where my enthusiasm boosted my skills and my skills began to improve because of my eagerness was created. Before my sophomore year was over, I seriously began to think of pursuing a career in the field and overtime it has grown into a burning passion and want within me.

 However, it pains me to realize that in terms of actual skill, I am but an amateur and a pretty average amateur at that. I have a year and a half till I take the entrance exam for EIT graduate school, the first major step into becoming a professional translator and interpreter, which is a generous amount of time. Regardless, I must not procrastinate and focus on improving my competence and ability. There are hundreds of people in the country who are just as passionate as I am and the only way I can surpass them is by skill not pure eagerness. I have talked with professors, alumni and peers regarding the field I want to pursue. Some say encouraging words while others leave me with a sinking heart, but what they all say in common is that regardless of your gender, age, or situation, it will not matter if you have impeccable skills. While this is pretty much universal advice in any career field, it does force me to look at myself in a harsh but objective perspective and push me to work harder in my skills.

Now, I am but a wannabe, but in a few years I hope to become the skillful translator I am striving hard to be now. It is hard to admit that I have a long way to go to even be qualified to pursue the career I wish to have but that only motivates me harder to not slack off. I just hope the me-in-a-year-and-a-half will be looking back at 2015 me with fondness and affection instead of bitter regret.


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