Wednesday, May 13, 2015

201103477 Chun Young Ho/ IP second draft/ Thus 56

201103477 Chun Young Ho/ IP/ Thus 56

Is it justifiable when someone uses your own creative idea without any permission? You will feel very offensive when this happened. However we commonly steal other's intellectual property with ease. It is very pervasive that we often download music, movie and essays through internet without any sense of guilt. These are nearly considered as public goods. It is essential to restrict pervasive plagiarism and stealing of other's intellectual property. If not, the industry will have bad influence. As for essays, it is not advantageous to your ability. Ultimately it is against the social justice.

When you download music and movies by internet without any paying it will discourage the desire of creation for innovators. They will not make creative ideas, music or movies because they do not get a appropriate results. Even if the fee is very little it should be compensate for artists. By that way we can be served by high quality works. It is very fundamental motive for artists.

You sometimes have experience that you plagiarized or downloaded essay for assignment in internet when the deadline is closed. Firstly, this affair is not good for you. You will lose the chance to enhance your ability to write a creative essay. Not only you lose the chance to write but you will also lose the opportunity for thinking and studying that topic.

Lastly it is against the social justice. It is stealing of other's property when you download items via internet without any permission. Not only visible things but also invisible intellectual ideas are one's property. We often neglect ownership of these things just the reason that it is not visible and it is pervasive. When we do 'plagiarism', we all know this is against our virtue, goodness and social justice. We often do this affair just because it is convenient. This cannot be the reason for justifying plagiarism.


To sum up, we should respect other's intellectual property because it is good for yourself and for nation. Also it is right in social sense. Even though it is very pervasive in our society to steal one's IP, each individual should avoid this affair. When each individual care about IP, creators will produce more artistic results. Because they feel their results are well deserved. Respect on other's intellectual property will ultimately result in free and creative atmosphere of our society.

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  1. As someone who has similar opinions regarding the protection of intellectual property as you, I found your essay quite entertaining and well written overall. I thought your arguments were convincing, especially the part about how it will discourage the desire of creation for innovators!. Although, it would have been better if you had added some more specific details. Also, there were a few grammatical errors overall but it does not weaken the validity of your essay. (201202968, 임정연/ Lim Jung- Yun)