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201200741 Jung Eun / Death to criminals around the world! / Argumentative essay / Thurs 56


                     Death to criminals around the world!


          Year 2014 had been a turbulent period for South Korea. From Sewol Ferry disaster to violent death of Pvt. Yoon(윤 일병), whether or not to carry out the death penalty to those who are liable for such heavy toll was embroiled in controversy. Sgt. Lee(이 병장) in particular, who turned out to be the main culprit of Pvt. Yoon's(윤 일병) death was put on a lengthy trial between life imprisonment and death penalty debates. Although capital punishment is legalized in South Korea, only the rare case has the justice been served by execution. Dissenters of death penalty assert that handing down the death sentence, even if its recipients are criminals, is nothing but solely, an another act of killing. However, I firmly believe that the life of offenders should not be spared at the expense of the lives of the innocent for the sake of the cause of the criminal's human dignity. As death penalty can save taxes of the people, instill fears into the minds of the potential criminals and can give consolation to bereaved families, I am convinced that capital punishment be approved across the globe.


   To begin with, the taxes of the people can be saved if death penalty is actively carried out. According to the latest news report, it cost nearly 9 million one for the imprisonment on yearly basis. And of course, we are well aware of the fact that such expenditures, do apparently come from the very hands of the public. Imagine how the bereaved families would feel about their taxes being spent on those who are murderers of their precious family member. Besides, it appears unreasonable for the taxes of the people to be expended on those who seem to pose perceived threats against the society and public at large. If death penalty law is instituted across the globe, expenditures for imprisonment can be used in other social sectors where majority of tax payers can benefit to a greater cause and in a wiser way.


   Secondly, executions can instill fears into the minds of the potential criminals. It is a conventional wisdom that everybody fears death. Even to offenders who commit hideous crimes share same emotional grounds with us when it comes to the death. (Not absolutely but highly likely). If death penalty is officially approved across the globe, it might deter murders and crimes committed by offenders for fear of being punished by the government when caught. Although opponents of the death penalty argue that human dignity of criminals should be respected, it appears irrational to protect the human dignity of the offenders at the expense of risking the lives of the innocent who can end up becoming their victims.


  Last but not least, death penalty can give consolation to bereaved families who have lost the most precious member of their family because of such offenders. If government fails to serve the justice by punishing criminals in a righteous manner as in capital punishment, no way can the bereaved families feel compensated emotionally. Not only does the government obliged to secure the safety of the public but also provide emotional comfort and consolation to those who suffered great loss from such tragic incident. If death penalty law is instituted across the globe, lasting fears of captured criminals would become less worrisome to both the government and to citizens.


  To sum up, death penalty should be carried out across the globe. As it saves the costs of the imprisonment, serves as a force for good in combatting crimes and gives mental consolation to the bereaved families, the advantages of execution far outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, I strongly believe that the death penalty be actively implemented.

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  1. Hello I am your classmate Seohee, your essay was quite interesting, your essay is complete with the 5 paragraphs also your thesis statement has your clear point of view. Your topic sentences are supporting your position on the body paragraphs and on your third paragraph you have a counter argument with a refutation. Your details are supporting your reasons and the conclusion has stated the issue which was great for an argumentative essay. Thanks for your essay!!