Tuesday, May 5, 2015

201200440 Kim Minji/Don't touch it!/Thursday1-3pm


Don't touch it!


Do you want to be a minister of South Korea? Then plagiarize a paper! Many appointees to the ministers have to attend on hearings. However, we could easily see the news about their plagiarism of a paper which hearing was told. In South Korea, many people are not aware of copyright law so people easily copy and download the other's intellectual property even they are men of rank. Please don't touch the other's works because there is a risk of plagiarism. For protecting the copyright I recommend three tings; teaching the students about copyright law, increasing regulations for plagiarism, and making the system easy to pay the cost.


In South Korea, students don't learn about copyright law or plagiarism in elementary school. Many students first learn about it when they have to do assignment in the college. However there's many internet sites which selling the paper and their friends buy it, so they also did plagiarism without sense of guilt. The elementary school teachers should teach the students why it is important to keep the copyright law. It's not only for protecting the students from copying the other's work but also for teaching them how valuable the works are. If we know how the other's intellectual properties are the fruit of one's effort, then we take paying the cost for granted.


Last semester, I took a writing class and some students copied the Wikipedia for answering the question. However professor gave zero points for that question only and not gave any penalty. I think this could not arouse student's attention because students think they were just unlucky. There's the rule in every college which treat the students with cheating very severely. However, in reality, students and professors don't want to make a noise so they treat the plagiarism as a small mistake. If we want to live the honest society, then we have to give strong penalty to the person who plagiarized the other's work.


When I find the images and thesis, it's easy to click on the right mouse button to copy and paste but hard to find the way to pay the cost for copyright. If portal sites make the system easy to pay the cost, the illegal plagiarism will be decreased. We don't know which image is free to use and which has its copyright. Person who is not good at using computer could make a mistake if there's no caution mark. Therefore adding the function which helps to protect copyright law is recommended.


In daily life, we have risk of plagiarism if we don't care about it. There are many people who are accused by copyright law. They download the documents, film, and images because the things are easy to find. However, everything on Internet has its source and owner. Therefore, don't touch it before you know it's safe to use. For following the copyright law, the education about copyright law from elementary school, increasing the regulation for breaking the copyright law, making the internet sites easy to pay the cost are needed.


  1. Hi Minji :) I chose to read your essay because your title was intriguing enough to draw me. You wrote 5 paragraphs and your thesis statement takes a clear position. I see some grammatical issues but the overall flow is easy to follow. Details in your body paragraphs well support your topic sentences. And in conclusion you summarized your arguments well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gayoung Kim | Thanks for sharing great writing! It seems well organized with simple sentences. But the details are more concentrated to the ways to protect copyright. Maybe you could use some arguments about why we should protect it, cause this is an argumentative essay. It is just my opinion, no offense! Thanks anyway!

    1. I remembered I missed a few questions from the list.
      Even though supporting ideas are not that strong, your thesis statement is great. But I don't think there are any counter-arguments in third body paragraph. You used connectors very well, and also noun and adverbial clauses too. The conclusion repeats the reasons abstractly. Thanks!