Tuesday, May 5, 2015

201201925 Ahn Chihwan / Argumentative Essay / Thursday 1-3 p.m.

Protect Your Brain

  Where do you watch movies? I bet most people have downloaded movies or TV shows from the internet illegally. So have I. This practice is wrong. It's same as stealing things from a shop without recognizing it as somewhat wrong. Every type of intellectual property should be protected because it's equal to tangible property in this information society and because people would want to keep enjoying those things.

  For starters, it is information society that we're living in. Most goods and properties are ideas, which are made not in factories but in brains. It is ideas that actually enable development of every aspect of the society. Intellectual property is just equal to tangible property, or even more important. If it's not protected by every means, the whole society can't help going through significant undermining.

  Secondly, when it comes to piracy, illegal copy-and-pastes, there needs to be concrete ways to regulate it. It is because people want to keep enjoying various things made and distributed by other people. Intellectual property has no exclusiveness which means that one can't have it if someone has it. But this is not the weakness of IP, but rather the strength of it. If not protected, it won't be made, which means we would not be able to enjoy it any more.

  Of course, there are wrong practices such as misusing patents to monopolize something or granting patents to too common ideas. However, these problems can be improved. Discussions and controversies on IP are relatively quite recent issues. So I would say they can be resolved if the related standards are specified and the number of workers engaged in the related fields is increased. It's only the matter of time. 

  To sum up, I claim that intellectual property should be protected so that the society could keep developing and people could enjoy various types of intellectual property. Just think of it simply. You would want your creative ideas to be protected, not to be stolen by someone else. Concerning the problems, it is needed that the legal and institutional regulation standards should be specifically made, and that people's consciousness about this issue should be improved. 


  1. Hello. I'm Jihyun Lee. I really enjoyed your writing. Your essay is well organized. Your thesis statement takes a clear position. Also, your body paragraphs include proper supporting ideas and the third body paragraph contain a counter-argument with refutation. Overall, your writing is well. If you add some more details about your reasons such as examples, it would be much better.

  2. Hello I'm Chun Young Ho. I really enjoyed your writing. You have clear thoughts and express it effectively. Your supporting ideas are well organizing your body paragraph. It also contains refutation. Your conclusion is a little bit repetition of what you are saying. I think some new ideas can be added.