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Dong Yi Kang / How to Win the Heart of a Child / Thursday 56

Dong Yi Kang / How to Win the Heart of a Child / Thursday 56

Starting my part-time occupation as a teacher teaching the little children of Gangnam, I realize that it is more than an education - it's a relationship. Children are beings easily intimidated, and it's not hard to see that they tire out easily. After two study sessions with my 5-year-old student, I realized that I needed to enhance relationships with him, and work on ways to talk to the child.

The first thing that I had to work on was having conversations with the child. I realized after several hours that children shouldn't be considered as 'children'. They want to know things, and they are curious about the world. They ask the adults around themselves about their world, the phenomenons that occur, the people, the animals, and the situations. In answering their questions, I realized that the children are wise enough to realize that the adults are obviously lying. My student's parents had answered all the child's questions about why things happen as 'magic', and frustrated in the unsatisfactory answers, the child quit trying to ask questions, and shut his mouth tight, unavailable to conversation. So I took special cares to answer the child's questions in the most easy-to-understand, yet persuading ways. I told him my own stories and talked about my thoughts, and made sure that the child understood abstract terms and ideas. I made sure that the child is treated like a little adult, not an oblivious child that believes everything. 

The second thing that I worked on with the child was listening to his hopes and dreams. My student had been granted everything since his birth, and he only had to ask for things. However, things got a little messy as he entered kindergarten - there were many other children who wouldn't give in to his requests and tantrums. It was a disaster for my student, and he often came back home with new problems and worries. On his first unfortunate occasion, he got dumped by his girlfriend, Deborah. To the child's tearful story of how Deborah would no longer hold hands with him but play hopscotch with a new boy named David, I first brought in a Porsche assembly car to soothe the child. While assembling the Porsche 911 model, I heard him out and gave a sincere solution to his problems. He had not been expressing his emotions to his girlfriend, and girls needed tokens of love to actually be happy. I pointed out that when I asked if he wanted to give Deborah the pink elephant stickers that I brought to his study sessions, he said "she doesn't need that" and stuck the rest of the stickers to his folder. With this sincere advice, he began to trust me more. On the second occasion, the theme presentation at his kindergarten required him to bring in homages of famous paintings and present it in front of the class. Because I was aware that his attention span is short, I created a spray-painting with him, and homage to Jackson Pollock. However, when he went to kindergarten on theme presentation day, he was stunned to found that all of his friends had modified the famous Mona Lisa, and he was the only one to bring in an abstract painting! Not only that, one of his classmates, a boy named Juwon had teased him that his painting looked like a 'scribble'. I had to soothe the child again, holding him onto my lap, and explaining that you just can't meet everyone's tastes and that his painting is rather refreshing compared to the 11 identical presentations about Mona Lisa. 

The last thing that I had paid attention to while building relationships was the carrot and the whip. Because I was his tutor, helping him do homework, I had to complete his homework, projects, and even journals with the child. Like all children, his patience ran out, and he needed motivation every 5 minutes or so. I tried gummy bears, stickers(children love stickers, I think it has something to do with the internal aesthetic sense that all human beings possess), and even toys. However, I realized that internal motivations are more effective than external motivation. External motivations, the physical compensations tended to last very short, and it even discouraged the child from working on his assignments when there were no more jellies or stickers left. On the other hand, internal motivation such as compliments and words of affection motivated the child to work further, and make my relationship with him more solid. 

My experience of teaching the child and trying to build relationships and conversations with him had taught me a lot about the psychology of human beings. It taught me that children are rather very intricate minds that could be easily offended and appeased, and that it's difficult to raise a child. 

200902292 Kwanhyung Lee/Losing weight the right way/thursday 56

Losing weight the right way


Human mind is the most important part of you. If your morale goes down, you cannot survive nor succeed in anything. However losing weight is a tough challenge for your body and your mind. So how do you become so good at losing weight? The key point is to do everything that is right for you: eat nutritiously, exercise well, but with strong patience and tenacity.

             First of all, eating nutritious food is important part of losing weight. All the things you eat have different nutrition, that may do good or harm to your body. Some of the nutritionists classify the foods with colors of red, yellow and green; just like the stop sign in a junction. You should stay away from red foods with high calorie and low nutrition, but eat green foods with low calorie but tons of nutrition. In that way, you mind does not sway over any red foods because your stomach is full of green foods.

             Secondly, exercise well with strong persistence. As well as eating well, exercise makes your muscles to grow, in a way to prevent fat growing in your body. So you should be involved in weight training first. Do should sit-ups, push-ups, bench press, deadlifts. But remember you should do a different session of the upper body and the lower body. One day you should build muscles onto your chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and so on. But in another day, you should do the lower body involving hamstring, thigh, calf, and buttocks. Between those days, there should be a rest day, to let the muscles grow in your body which has been torn apart to renew a bigger muscle. After that, you should do aerobic exercise, to burn out the fats living in your body. In that way you become much more slim, but with the appropriate muscles. All the ladies will love your body.

             Lastly, never give up on yourself. Most of the failures of losing weight come from your mental ability to withhold such pain during the exercise period. Individuals fail to lose weight because there are so many temptations of eating high calorie foods, and the low morale that makes you back to where you started. So first, you should always make a note of yourself and keep an exercise diary, stating about what you did for exercise and what you ate today. In that way you will be more motivated and stay active. In addition you should inform others that you are currently on a diet, and don't let them lure you into those delicious foods. In that way, you will be more than successful in owning yourself and your body.

             In conclusion, losing weight is about eating healthy foods, and exercising hard, and never letting go of your diet plans. I know it is a very hard challenge for all of you, and hardly anyone succeeds in losing weight. The reason for that is you have to know yourself well, and outdo yourself by making concrete actions. However if you succeed to be that one, you may see yourself so mature in your life.

201302308 Dooseok Lee / How to buy overseas goods by yourself / Thursday 1-3pm

How to buy overseas goods by yourself


Recently, buying goods directly from overseas is a small trend in Korea. This has many good advantages. You can get overseas products which are hard to find in Korea, or you can buy things at a very cheap price compared to Korea. However, many people go through hardships in purchasing from abroad because of complicated procedures and language issues. Therefore, they use services located in Korea that do all these complicated procedures for you, but additional fees are required for using them. Are these additional fees really worth its price? Are they really necessary? Is buying things from abroad really complicated as some people think? The answer is absolutely not. As soon as you read tips and simple steps I'm going to write, you will be able to easily buy overseas goods by yourself in no time.


To start, you need to be set with what product you are going to buy. There are two ways how to locate the product you want to buy. The first one is when you have the exact product name or a model name of what you are going to purchase. Then you can search the name through google, eBay, or Amazon. Next, you can choose the website after thoroughly comparing prices and shipping dates. The second way is to find the product in shopping websites. For example, if the product you want to buy is clothing, asos.com is famous for it. If shoes are what you are looking for, finishline.com is the site to look for. Then you can enter those websites and choose the product at your taste.


Once you have decided what product to buy, and also where to buy it, the purchasing process awaits. This is the process that most people think as the most difficult and tiresome. However it is not as difficult as it seems. Unlike purchasing from Korean websites, you can only pay by visa credit card or Paypal when using overseas websites. If you do not have a Visa card, you can easily register through Paypal.com which provides the Korean version website.


After you have completed your payment, the next thing you should be concerned is putting in shipping address. When you are putting in your address in foreign websites, you must not put it in address in Korean, but English version of Korean address. You can easily search 'English address' at naver.com and then you can get your address in English version.


Besides the a bit complicated procedure, buying goods overseas has a few more things you should be concerned about. You should be aware that delivery time is about five times longer than that of Korean. Also, before you make your payment, you have to be also aware that you could pay duty tax if the amount of your total payment is 200$ or higher. You can pay the duty after the product has been delivered to Incheon Airport. The customs will inform you the amount of duty fee you need to pay. To make the purchasing procedure simple, I personally suggest buying under 200$.


The whole process might seem quite not simple, but considering the positive aspects that buying overseas have, the cheap price and rare goods, I'm sure it is really worth it. Also, once if you get used to the process, you will be handle it like you have done it in Korean website. Welcome to the world of buying overseas!


201101883 Hyojeong Shim/How to write a cover letter that will make companies want to hire you/Thu1-3

How to write a cover letter that will make companies want to hire you

Although a lot of people believe that employers will read all your cover letters, in fact, they just visually scan and try to find the one they are looking for. Therefore, the purpose of the cover letter is not only to introduce and market yourself to an employer, but to give your application the focus and direct the reader's attention to the specific qualities you have. Ultimately, it should generate an impression that makes the employer wants to meet you in person and arrange an interview. There are three steps you can follow to write a great cover letter to catch the employer's eyes.

First, tell them why you picked them. You might be tempted to first talk about how fabulous you are or how you are the best person for this job. But that's not the best way to handle the cover letter. For example, when you meet a person for the first time and you start talking only about yourself, chances are the other person feels like he or she wants to get away from you as quickly as possible. If you want someone to be genuinely interested in you, you need to make sure that you make them feel special first before you start telling them about yourself. Make them feel like they are the only group you want to work for even if that's not the case. Do a research on newspapers or internet and pick something about them that you really admire. Every brand and company has got their own stories. Find an emotional attachment between yourself and the company and give them a real reason you've picked them.

So now you need to tell them why they should pick you. You flattered them enough, and now you need to look at the job description and pick top three things that are most relevant to you. Try to make your statement as convincing as possible and also add what kind of experiences helped you achieve those skills and qualities. Then tell them how much you want the job. This is where you should show your passion. For example, mentioning in the cover letter that you would do anything or start from anywhere just to learn from that company. Let them know how much the job really means to you. It doesn't have to be acting desperate but definitely show some passion.

To finish your cover letter, show them how much you care about the recruiters. One option could be ending your cover letter by saying "I know it is a very busy time for you and wish the best for the recruiting." You don't even know them and so they would think you are very considerate and give them pleasure. All people want to work with someone who is very thoughtful and cares about others. This sort of caring sentence can give so much impact than all the other qualities about yourself you've listed. Make your cover letter stand out from that of any other applicants.

As much as it is important to have a professional resume when applying for the job, the benefits of writing an exceptional cover letters are underrated. Resume is just a document that states the fact about yourself, but the cover letter gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd. So having a well-written cover letter is incredibly important. Follow these three basic steps: make them know how much you want it, how perfectly fit you are for the position you are applying for, and make them feel special, and you'll make an amazing progress. I wish you all job hunters the best of luck.


Lee, Jun Ki / To Be a Better Poker Player /Thursday 1-3pm

What do you think about gambling? Do you think that it just depend solely on luck? At least Texas Holdem, the most commonly known poker, does not rely on luck only. Main skills for Texas Holdem are poker face, bluffing, and folding. With these skills, you will be able to do much better in playing poker.


           Firstly, keeping yourself calm is very important when playing poker. Your facial expression is a good clue for others to predict your cards. Since people are not able to see other people's card, they look for other factors that would reflect your standing in the game. The point of poker face is having one expression all throughout the game. It would not matter if you could smile for every second of the game even if you have the worst cards in your hands. As long as your expression does not change, it is considered poker face. You will have to read other facial expression and at the same time you should not show yours.


           Secondly, skill called bluffing could help you when you are playing poker. Bluffing basically means lying. You can not always get the cards that you want, but you can act like you have them. If you raise your betting, most people would think that you have a great shot. This would trigger others to fold the game. If you could fool all the other players, you will be able to win the game even if you had the worst combination. Bluffing is great way to escape from bad situation. Others will misunderstand your signs, and it would make them lose the game.


           Lastly, folding without hesitation would make you a better poker player. We all know that we can not always get what we want, so if you do not see the chance, just give up. Folding at early stage of the game would minimize your loss. Folding is as important as betting skill. It is a ticket for immediate escape. Do not hold on to something that wouldn't give you a single chance. Always know your standing in the game. Bluffing is a good skill but it could also mean huge consequences. Make your move unexpectedly! To do that you sure have to know when to fold.


           In conclusion, there are few skills that could help you when you are playing poker. Poker face, bluffing, and folding are three main skills that could help you in game. Although poker is gambling, at the same it is not 'just' gambling. Remember these few tips and you would be better poker player.


201101481 Jean Park/ The Babysitting Survival/ Thur56

The Babysitting Survival



   Think of a day that you're babysitting your baby niece all alone until the night when baby gets asleep. What a night mare is it? Especially if it's your first time actually taking care of the baby, you may freak out at how hard it's to babysit. Though, there are few easy and simple tips that can be useful to unskilled babysitters. The tips are all from experienced babysitters so it's trustworthy and if you follow the steps below, it won't be a night mare anymore.


   First of all, play with the baby in high pitches and various faces. It's important to make the baby feel close to you and in order to do that, the baby should laugh. Babies would not show any reactions if you speak monotonously or make an expressionless faces. Even we have a saying that whenever we talk to babies make the voice in 'sol' tones. Next step is simple, sing a song in a high and clear voice or read a fairytales giving variations to your voice. This will actually make the baby feel intimate with you and listen to you more.


   After playing with the baby enthusiastically, the next step is to leave the baby alone for a bit. Although it's crucial to see if the baby is playing safe but often babysitters think they should continuously look after the baby. But babysitters also need a break and recover themselves, taking care of a baby all day is almost impossible. To do that, first, attract baby's attention to some toys or books and play with them'. After, make the baby play with toys by oneself and meanwhile you should just watch. Finally, step back from the baby and take a time for the baby to play alone.


   Lastly, feed the baby foods that they usually enjoy to eat and bath him with hot water. This tip is not just for a baby but also it can be applied to adults too. The feeding may differ from eating habits of the baby, but for the fussy eaters it might take hours to feed. For those babies, give a treats that can satisfy baby's taste and feed them fully. Some sweets can be allowed since it's only for a day. Then bath the baby in a hot water, this will make the baby feel languorous and fall into sleep right away.


   In conclusion, the steps to spend a day as a babysitter have been suggested. Give variations on voice and face while playing, leave the baby alone sometimes and feed and bath the baby. People whom do not have experiences of babysitting might think this is a really easy task that anyone can do, but in reality, unskilled babysitters will be frustrated with in lots of situations. Thus, to spend a peaceful time with a baby, practice playing, feeding, bathing the youngsters and keep these steps in mind.


Oh Ga-yeong/Steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present/Thursday 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present

     Do you want to make your friend who lives abroad happy? Then, send a package right now. Recently, I have sent a parcel to my foreign friend who lives in France. The procedure to send a gift was a little bit complicated but after sending it, I felt great amount of satisfaction. If you also want to send a gift to your friend who lives abroad so as to please your friend, follow my advice. This advice can make your friend deeply touched. Here are the steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present : prepare various gifts, ask your friend about his or her address and home telephone number in advance, and go to the post office with your presents.   

     Firstly, prepare all the gifts that you will send to your friend. The gifts which show distinct feature of Korea can make your friend more happy than the common gifts which can be found easily in France also. So for these special gifts, I went to 'Insa-dong' , the town that people can experience Korean traditional culture. In 'Insa-dong', we can find a lot of Korean products which have a traditional atmosphere. Moreover, you can also make your friend pleased by sending a lot of delicious Korean food. In my case, I sent various Korean cookies that my friend had loved when she was in Korea. If all the presents are prepared, you can also add your letters to your friend in the parcel.  

     Secondly, ask your friend about his or her address or home telephone number in advance before you send your package. I understand that you want to send gifts to your friend as a surprise but then your gifts may be sent to somebody else. In my case also, I went to the post office to send my gifts but I had to come back home because I didn't know exactly my friend's home telephone number. I felt really disappointed because I went to the post office with expectation. So please ask your friend in advance! Never challenge a surprise.   

     If everything is ready, finally, you can go to the post office! You can visit the nearest post office from your house. After you arrive at the post office, wait until postal workers call out your number. They will ask you the way you send your parcel. There are two ways. One is by the ship and the other is by the airplane. I don't want to suggest sending by the ship. Postal workers said that if you send your package by the ship, it takes about one or two months and that rats can eat away the food in your parcel. So the airplane might be a better choice. Instead, you should take enough money with you because sending by the airplane costs a lot.  

     So these were my advices which can make your friend who lives abroad happy. Don't forget. You have to prepare the presents which show distinct feature of Korea, know in advance your friend's address and phone number, and lastly, you have to take a lot of money with you when you go to the post office. Even though it costs a lot, you will feel satisfied after you send a package to your cherish friend. Actually, my French friend also have sent me the package including various French cookies as an expression of gratitude after she had received the package that I sent. By sending a package, you can feel increased friendship between you and your friend! 


201581012/Ji Hyun Lee/How to Develop Self-Confidence/Thursday 56

How to Develop Self-Confidence

Developing confidence is really important these days. No one can say that confidence is of no particular importance. Self-belief has been directly connected to an individual's social network, the activities they participate in and what they hear about themselves from others.  To succeed in all fields, you need buckets of confidence. Actually, there are not many students who have it, so I would like to suggest 3 steps to develop self-confidence.

First, you had better dress up nicely. When you look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. If you like the way you look, this will give you confidence. For example, you won't want to go outside if you don't like the way you look in any cloths. However, if you like your appearance, you will think you should do some special thing like a date. That's what can reasonably be expected.

 Next, you should practice good posture. People with slumped shoulders often are unenthusiastic and don't consider themselves important. Just stand up straight, keep your head up, and make eye contact. You will immediately feel more alert and positive. A person with good posture looks really distinguished, so everyone recognizes his confidence. 

Lastly, I recommend you work out regularly. By working out, you can improve your physical appearance and do something fruitful with your time. Sick people don't seem to be confident at all. Therefore, you would rather manage health care consistently for your confidence and your life.

In summary, you had better be confident for your one and only life. I suggest you to follow these 3 steps which are dress up nicely, take good posture and work out regularly. Now, you just throw away shame, stand up straight and act confident

Bae Young Ha/ Three ways to overcome insomnia/ Thursday 56

We can't stress too much the significance of sound sleep when we talk about health. Not only the quality of sleep is crucial but also sleep time is important. Sleep deprivation adversely affects your health, emotion, and concentration. So if you suffer from insomnia, you have to overcome it. Waking up early at a fixed time, working out, and relieving stress after work are helpful for treating insomnia.

Waking early at a fixed time is the first step to curing insomnia. People who have insomnia tend to get up late because they sleep very late at night. Getting up early at a fixed time makes you go to bed early. Once I had insomnia so I tried to wake up early regularly. I began to get up at 8 o' clock every day and it worked. Even though waking up early regularly is hard to stick with, your body will adjust to it. I want you to take this first step if you want to get over insomnia.

The next step you can take to cure insomnia is to work out and make yourself tired. Most people who have trouble in sleeping don't work out. You may not be sleepy at night because you are not exhausted. If you work out, your exhausted body will want you to go to bed early. From my experience, exercising everyday helped me overcome insomnia. I went to a boxing gym and learnt boxing regularly. So I could move ahead my time to go to bed.

Last but not least, you have to relieve stress after work if you want to fall asleep early. Stress stimulates sympathetic nerves, which keeps you up. You have to make your parasympathetic system kick into gear by taking a rest. Come early from work and set aside some time to get rid of stress. Watch movies, meet old friends, listen to music or do whatever you can to free yourself from daily stress. Just take time to relax. That will definitely help you sleep well.

  Following those three steps I mentioned will benefit those who suffer from insomnia. Every problem has its own solution. Insomnia is a medical problem that needs treating. If you are diagnosed or self-diagnosed as insomnia, there must be ways to treat it. Waking up early at a fixed time, working out, and getting rid of stress are also what doctors suggest. Try those steadily and see the changes that brings you a healthier life.


Ahn Chihwan / A decent guide to Seochon / Thursday 1-3 p.m.

A decent guide to Seochon

  Now that Gyeongbokgung and Samcheong-dong is so famous and popular, I guess you've been to those places. Yet how about Seochon? It's located on the west side of Gyeongbokgung(opposite to Samcheong-dong), emerging as an area famous not only for cool restaurants, cafes, galleries and so on but also for pretty Korean traditional houses. Unlike Samcheong-dong, Seochon used to be known not as a nice area or date course but as a good, peaceful place to live in. However, people who were hanging out in Sangsu-dong, Samcheong-dong, Noksapyeong are now headed to this new cool area, Seochon. Now I'm going to introduce Seochon, focusing on restaurants, cafes, galleries, etc, based on my personal experience, like a guide book.

  First, it's obvious you should get to Seochon to look around there. It's easy to access, if you take subways or buses and get off at Gwanghwamun station or Gyeongbokgung station. If you arrive at exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung station, you're right there at the entrance of Seochon. Walking straight a little bit, you'll find most signs of the stores are in Korean, as if they're telling you here is the center of Seoul. If you're hungry, turn left at the second alley of that road, and you'll find a famous Samgyetang(Korean traditional soup with a whole chicken in it) place called Tosokchon. The Samgyetang I had there was definitely the best one I've ever had in my life. If you're not hungry but interested in galleries, drop by Daelim museum to see an exhibition at a reasonable price(3000 won). 

  Next, Whatever you did, get back to the first road, and take the third alley beside Wooribank. You'll find lots of cool cafes and restaurants made from renovating old houses, which mostly are not chains(this is one of the reasons I love Seochon). I especially recommend that you visit Aux Petits Verres(Tart café owned by the chef who won the second place in Master Chef Korea), Dae-o bookstore(since 1951, now a cafe) and Younghwaru Chinese restaurant. Passing those, you'll find the entrance of Tong-in market. But don't go in yet. Cross the road, walk straight through the alley, finding or visiting Zenana(café that sells homemade jams. Recommended for gifts), Namdo bunsik(famous for Squid Tteokbokki) and Bahknosu museum. 

  Now, take another road next to the one you used when walking up, and you'll see peaceful alleys with small object shops, galleries and Hanoks(Korean traditional houses). Be headed to the entrance of Baehwa women's university, to try the wonderful french toast in a café called Kiosque. On the way back to Tong-in market, you could have the chance to eat at Nuha's forest(Japanese homemade style diner) or Song's Kitchen(famous for cheese seafood tteokbokki). If you arrive at the entrance of the market, you should drop by Hyoja bakery. It is a historical bakery that has sold bread and stuff to the Blue House(the office of Korean president), and its bread is so yummy that you'll find most people in Seochon holding its bread. Lastly, look around Tong-in market, maybe try the Doshirak using Yupjeon(Korean traditional currency) shaped coins. And that's it.

  If you follow my guide, you could see many aspects of Seochon, not missing famous places at the same time. There are lots of other places I didn't introduce in this essay, too. If you're a person who enjoys small cafes/restaurants which are not chains, I strongly recommend you visit Seochon in any day. The earlier, the better because many people are already headed there all the more. Not just following my guide, you could make your own route to look around Seochon too. 

201202968 Lim Jung Yun/ worry dolls and how to make them. /150331/ Thursday1-3pm

Worry Dolls and how to make them.

201202968 Lim Jung Yun

 Are you a worrisome person? Do you have concerns and anxieties that keep you up late in the night? Is going to sleep after a long day the highlight of your worry-filled day? If that is the case, why don't you try making a worry doll? Unlike a conventional doll which destiny is fulfilled through pampering and loving, a worry doll worries for you and cheers you up after a troublesome day.

The true name of the worry doll is actually " muñecas quitapenas" which literally means "trouble doll". It is a traditional Guatemalan doll that has is origins in Mayan culture. According to legend, if a person has a worry, he or she will make a worry doll and tell his or her secret to the doll. Then, the worrier sleeps with the doll under his or her pillow. The worrier will be able to sleep peacefully while the doll will worry instead. When the morning comes, the worry will vanish into thin air. As it is more of a functional doll rather than being decorative, the worry doll is small in size and quite simple to make. In just a few easy steps, you can make your own personal worry doll to dispose at your pleasure. Let's proceed!  

 The first step is to make the body of your worry doll. Try to pick a small and flat piece of wood or plastic for the body. Keep in mind that you will later sleep with the worry doll under your pillow. If the body for your doll is too thick, you will not be able to have a good night's sleep. If your pillow is soft and fluffy, it would be better to make a doll out of thin matchsticks or a toothpick. If you sleep on a firm pillow that has a fixed shape made of aerofoam, thicker materials such as a pencil or a straw are also all right. Then, wrap string or yarn around the body in a tight and horizontal fashion. String is the traditional material, but nowadays pipe cleaners are also as popular as they give off a nice muppetty vibe. After finishing wrapping, either carefully sue the body parts together or glue the end of the pipe cleaner or string with a glue gun so it does not fall off later. When the torso is finished, make arms and legs following the same process and glue it to the torso. Be sure to cut the legs and arms so they are proportional to the size of the torso or all the other dolls will make fun of your Frankensteinian doll.  

 Once you finished making the body, it is time to give your doll a head. Find an appropriate sized bead or button and use paint or markers to draw facial features on it. If you feel like it, adding hair or ears using what you have is also highly recommended. If you draw big ears on your doll, there is a high chance that your doll will hear your worries better. After finishing the basic skeleton, it is now time to clothe your doll. This is a chance to get in touch with your inner child. Fashion an outfit for your doll using paper, leftover fabric, stickers, whatever your imagination allows. Admittedly, worry dolls are no Barbie and Ken dolls, but that does not mean you can't get a kick out of dressing them up.

 Now, you will have a completed worry doll ready to unburden you from your worrisome thoughts. Hopefully, the process of making the doll might have soothed you down a little bit. If not, tell your worry doll what troubles your mind lately. It may seem foolish at first, but talking about it out loud instead of silently mulling over it actually helps more than you think. Also, it is important to keep an open mind and a hint of that inner child in yourself that used to believe in Santa and imaginary friends. Otherwise, all you are is an idiot talking to a three inch doll. 

201103990 Jee-hyoun Kim/ How to lose weight without losing your mind. /150331/ Thursday1-3pm

How to lose weight without losing your mind.


Most of the people must have tried to lose weight. It's considered as one of the best way to manage themselves. If someone has a slim body, other people tend to think that he is good-looking and even very diligent person. It normally leaves good impression to others. It's a social stereotype in Korea. Under this circumstances, people try hard to burn their fat. It's not only for the health, but also for other side effects. However, losing weight is like stepping to a threshold of losing your mind. Among the various obstacles, controlling your own mind is the hardest, and the most important thing. From my experience, I would like to tell you various factors that help you lose weight without losing your mind.

First of all, Don't blame yourself. Remember that you can always make a mistake. To lose weight is to take care of the diet, and the exercise. To lose weight, I have worked out at gym, and tried hard not to eat too much since last year. At first, I thought I could easily lose weight. However, I stayed in shape for months. I cut down the amount of eating, and took notes of what I ate from the breakfast till I went to bed, changing the exercise schedule, and etc. At that time, I was really discouraged. I started to blamed everything for myself. This led me to see everything worse. To release stress, I overate, which made everything worse. Keep in your mind that blaming may lead you get into the worse situation.

Second, Stop thinking of what you can't eat, but think of what you can eat. A study found that when people think of something, the negative things comes in their minds first. It means that people easily get stressed, thinking of what they can not eat. It also happened to me. Ever since I decided to lose weight, I stopped eating sweets, especially chocolate. but then, whenever I felt hungry, I started to thinking of having a piece of chocolate. To get over it, I asked my trainer and his answer was simple. I started to count on the food I could eat, or I would choose to eat to be healthier. After that, whenever I'm in front of the refrigerator, I remind myself to take the best food for my body.

Last but not least, reward yourself. It's very easy for a person to find bad thing to blame while it's easy to find good thing to prise. Losing weight is a hard thing. In fact, no one praised you for not eating chocolate and working out. I'm a very negative person, so I never saw the good things I had done. For me, my counselor recommended to make a compliment to myself, thinking as if I were a different human. After the workout, I looked myself in the mirror, and said good things to myself with a big smile. It sounds hilarious but it really worked. I even bought small present for me to encourage myself.

Losing weight is hard thing to accomplish. People tend to lose their mind easily, thinking all the negative thing like I did. Don't blame yourself. You can make mistake. Stop thinking of what you can't eat, but thinking of what you can choose to eat to be healthier. And, reward yourself. Then you'll succeed to lose weight without losing your mind.

Gayoung Kim / Mix and Match Your Meal / Thu 1-3 p.m.

Mix and Match Your Meal


One of the trends in these days is a "fusion" cuisine. Since many kinds of food from various cultures have spread to Korean society, people begin to enjoy mixing different foods together. Fusion cooking also means adding unexpected ingredients to a dish. The new kinds of creative flavors could be better than original foods. This special way of cooking is even more attractive because it's easy and simple, so that some fusion cuisines are available at your own home. At the forefront of the trend, there are "Hot Carbonara Tteok-bokki", "Chocolate Pizza", and "Corn Bing-su".

Hot Carbonara Tteok-bokki is a combination of Italian spaghetti, "Carbonara" and Korean snack "Tteok-bokki". First, mince garlic and slightly treat it with olive oil. While garlic turns golden brown, chop some onions and mushrooms. Then, stir-fry the vegetables with garlic in oil and add unsweetened fresh cream. When cream starts to boil, add a few spoon of red pepper paste, which is the main ingredient of Tteok-bokki. Adjust quantity of the paste looking at the color of the sauce. After it turned to salmon-color, put rice cakes and cook for another 3~5 minutes to be done.

Second amazing fusion dish is Chocolate Pizza. It might sound odd because it is difficult to imagine sweet pizza. However, it tastes so good that some restaurants only sell Chocolate Pizza have opened in Seoul. At first, prepare pizza dough or Tortilla for the bread part. Then, spread melted chocolate or chocolate jam all over the dough. Next, sprinkle toppings that harmonize with chocolate. For example, almond slices, dried fruits, raisons, and chocolate chips match well. According to your liking, you can make one more layer above the chocolate with peanut butter. At last, cover with Mozzarella cheese and bake it in the oven or microwave it with lid. It's good to go when cheese melts down completely.

Last but not least, Corn Bing-su is not only the simplest, but also most astonishing fusion food. "Bing-su" is a Korean dessert, which is basically a pile of shaved ice with sweat red bean paste jellies, fruits and a few kinds of syrup. But this recipe replaces red bean paste with canned corn. Most of Korean people never put corn on their Bing-su. So this may seem strange at first, but the canned corn brings a hint of salty taste to the dessert and raises the flavor to a higher level. At the very first, freeze a glass of milk instead of pure water due to it is easy to break to pieces and has more savor. For the next, take it out from the freezer and shave it with a sharp fork. On the heap of icy milk and yellow crunch corn, pour only one kind of syrup, condensed milk. These two types of dairy products blend into one another and let the flavors of corn pop out.

Until now, I introduced three popular fusion dishes which are easy to cook and also taste amazing. Eating delicious food is one of the big pleasures in our life and it could be more joyful if we start to go on adventures to find out brand-new flavors. Furthermore, it does not require very much money or time to mix and match a variety of foods. I hope that the recipes and ideas above help you to find and enjoy all the pleasures you can get in your everyday life.

Jung Eun, Kim / Two-faced old women / Thurs 56

Never judge criminal by its cover

News stories about human traffickers, sex offenders, kidnappers fly around the nation. The more convenient the world has become, the more dangerous it has been. Women in particular fear to wander alone during midnight in the middle of nowhere. Even the 'Safety Home Return(여성안심귀가)' system for women has been devised in Seoul. Yet our safety rides on whether we watch out for ourselves and be alert on strangers. I myself who was under the strict discipline of my parents from childhood, was well aware of such issues from early ages. Thus, I always took precaution against those surrounding me and remained vigilant at all times. However, because of my preconception of prospective criminal's exterior image, my brother and I had once caught in a cross fire.

The one who led us in hot water was somewhat an unexpected figure whom we met in a public place. The story goes back to one of my early time's New Year's Day, when our family set out to visit grandparents and relatives in Daegu. My brother and I paid respects to our grandparents and had our moneys taken from relatives. While our parents performed memorial services, my brother and I wished to go to downtown area for sightseeing. As soon as our parents granted us permission to take a tour of the central area of Daegu, we headed toward the main street without hesitation. My brother and I strolled around the central area and enjoyed delicious meals on the street, in the restaurant and indulged ourselves in various games and entertainment activities in all over the area. Though we spent most of our New Year's Cash, we had the time of our lives. Yet, we were unware that an inauspicious event was waiting for us to overshadow our seemingly delirious happiness until that moment.

As it was getting darker, we were about to take a subway train to return home. Just then, an old women who was struggling to step up the stairs came into my view. She was limping her right leg with heavy-looking bundle carrying on her shoulder. That scene reminded me of a lesson learned in ethics class that I should always give assistance to those who are weak, namely senior citizens and physically handicapped alike. As she was limping very hard I reluctantly approached her and asked if I can give her a hand. She gave me a wide smile and handed over her mysterious package. "What are you doing?" my brother called me in irritation. "She's limping her right leg too hard. I think we should help her." I answered him convincingly. He definitely didn't like my idea but nodded slightly too avoid further argument. While he carried a heavy looking package, I backed her up. The more we walked into a creepy alley, the more the old woman pleaded to go further, saying that we are almost there. As I moved my feet eagerly forward, my brother seemed uneasy as he followed me from the back.

"Jung Eun." He suddenly wavered his hand to come near him. I left the old woman alone for a while and turned my back to him. "What's wrong?" I asked, softly in his ears. "Look at her legs… didn't you say she was limping her right leg?" he lowered his voice, half shivering. "Yeah." I answered as I took glimpse at her again. My brother kept whispering, "But she has been limping her left leg all along while walking with you….and now look at her, she's switching her legs randomly…" Terrified, I looked at her again, she was suddenly making phone calls in an upright position. "What the…" "Holy Crap.." my brother's face now turned ashen. "What..?.." Before I could finish my remarks, I was led to run franticly by him not knowing what was happening. "RUN RUN RUN !" "WHAAAAAA!!!" As my brother and I began running backwards to where we started, I heard a squeaky voice of an old lady shouting, ''Get them!!'' I got goose bumps. "Don't looook back !! Just Ruuun!!" he hurled the package he was holding at the people whom I sensed as two or three men in black hoodies chasing us behind.

As we were coming close to the main street where there were a lot of people, three black hoodies stopped chasing us and disappeared into thin air. We were very fortunate to make a narrow escape owing to my brother's acute sense of direction and my physical strength of running for my life. We were short of breath for a long time, "Organ traffickers, I assume." my brother spoke solemnly. "How did you figure that out?" I asked him intently. "I heard through the grapevine that such human traffickers make use of old people or those whom we, normal people can let our guard down to lure us. We were almost dead thanks to you my lovely sis." His voice was full of reproach. "I am so sorry brother, I really am. I don't even know what to say." I said genuinely. "Let's just put this behind and hail a taxi. This isn't even thrilling a bit. It's a worst nightmare I've ever experienced." I agreed and we returned home safely.

We normally let our guard down in front of those that seem less threatening to us. Yet I learned through such appalling experience that our inclination to judge prospective criminal by its appearance can lead us to death. We receive a myriad of news reports about murder, kidnapping and sexual abuse. But we tend to think they are unlikely to happen to us as long as we distance ourselves only from those who seem threatening. Now I can tell you dangers are lurking all around us in the form of friendly, fragile and sympathy provoking person in disguise.

Seongho Lee / How to get fat, not thin / Thursday 56

'I want to get thin …', 'I must not eat dinner! ', 'failed this month's diet!' I got 2 kilograms!' These things are often spoken by universal people irrespective of sex (yet more in female), country, social status and sometimes age. And 'how to lost weight 'can't help being a consistent interest in our world. But, why not 'How to get weights ' ? or ' how to become fat ' ? the reason is very simple. So many people think that to be fat is very easy because it's just alright to eat much. Yet, it's not true of every skinny person. He or she may have some reason for example ,too much stress , some problem in inner organs like intestines or stomach or sheer body constitution, so to speak, from scratch !. I am also a very thin boy, whose weight is below 55 kilograms with 176 centimeters of height. I tried to get to so called a normal body weight but I got frustrated for several times. After all I someday made my body 10 kilograms up within only 2 months and I found the solution followed by 3 steps 'nutrition, working out, timing.


When it comes to nutrition, it may be easy to think of calories. Yes, it not totally wrong. Simply, we intake a lot of calories first, the calories taken into our body are used for many organs' function, and the rest calories go to our fat. however, if you only think this , you may be unaware of how to take the calories healthily. One of reasons we can not get bigger is that our intestines are not properly working, especially on fat. But you always eat hamburgers, cheese, pork and so on. At first you may look a bit better but in a long vision, it's bad. So, what to eat? It's very simple. We have to eat carbohydrates and proteins instead of a lot of fat. Intestines in humans' body are not really good at digesting fat but good at digesting protein and carbohydrates such as bread, rice, chicken breast part, corn, low fat milk , fish , etc… so, if we stop being obsessed with fat and focus on more well-being food, then we can reach our own target used to be impossible before, healthily !

Working out can't be omitted here. Everyone does it. In every single activity's goals are different. But we need to single out what is we have to do. First of all, our purpose is to get fat but only getting fat is not really desirable. Yes, what we need is volume our body, not merely fat. So do not run. Do not jog. Do not exercises that burn your calories too much. But do weight trainings. Dumbbells and barbells will be your soul mate. Pick one by suitable weights to your body and raise by your biceps, it's called dumbbell curl. Insert some suitable plates to both sides of a barbell, lie on a bench, push it up to sky vertically, it's called bench press. If you want to widen your shoulders, you can stand or sit on a chair, grip two dumbbells or barbell with smaller plates, and then raise it up. Isn't it simple? Ye, but it's not everything. Biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders are not enough. To get body fitness, you have to enhance you back, legs as well. It's also simple. You can do pull ups, squats, dead lift.

In a concept named 'timing', what I want to say is literally the time between eating and working out. since we learned one thing that we have to take a lot of carbohydrates and protein, it's really easy for us to get oblivious about what's going on in our body while drinking carbohydrate or protein drink too much. It can burden our body. It's also very simple one. Do not eat or drink 30minutes before you start working out. Our body has to digest the nutrition and get all the nutrition absorbed to our muscle and other organs. If you plan to drink supplement drink, immediate you finish your working out, drink it. Because melted protein and carbohydrate in milk or water will be absorbed faster than any other kind of food, it's the best for you to recover your damaged muscles and get the muscles bigger by the same nutrition. And sometimes you may rest at home, you eat food as much as you can but not supplement drink because , at home you have so many things to eat or drink , you do not need to drink the supplement drink which is more expensive than natural food but less healthier that natural things.


So, finally I came up with three points you have to get in order that we can improve our less charming appearance. Nutrition, Working out, and timing. After this time if anyone who think of him or herself as too thin and skinny but unable to get fat and bigger no matter what he or she does and eats, I strongly recommend that anyone like that do eat more carbohydrates and protein with less fat, do weight training, and keep the proper time you take any kind of food and supplement drink. Do not give it up only because you can't find yourself change. Someday, you may be seeing yourself get out of a skeleton body.


How to overcome insomnia


How to overcome insomnia


By getting proper sleep during night, you can restore your body and prepare for the next day. Without enough hours of sleep, you won't be able to work, learn, and create well. Insomnia is a serious problem that threatens your energy and ability to function during the day. Chronic insomnia can even cause serious health problems. By learning to change daily lifestyle and common habits, you would discover that you are in a better condition for a deep sleep than before.

First, keep a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Try not to break this routine on weekends even if you are tired from your work and study. If you want to change your bedtime, make your body adjust to it by making a gradual change in time. Napping long time during the day can make it more difficult to sleep at night. If you feel like you have to take a nap, try to keep it less than 30 minutes. Or you can just close your eyes and relax in chair for a moment. This will help you get in a regular sleep rhythm.


Second, exercise regularly. You'll sleep well if you exercise every day. As the old saying that hunger is the best sauce, fatigue of body is the best source for a deep sleep. Also as exercise triggers an increase in body temperature, it could promote falling asleep. You don't have to do a lot of exercise. As little as 20 to 30 minutes of daily activity will show effect. Try a jogging, a bicycle ride, or even housework. Your sleep quality will improve.


Finally, turn off your smartphone. It's a common habit that sending a few text messages or checking Facebook one last time before we fall asleep. However, as much research have found, using your smartphone, tablet, or any other electronic device before going to bed can actually have a serious effect on your sleep. Rather, read a book or listen to a book on tape. Just as a bedtime story relaxes children, a calming book can have the same effect with grown-ups.


Most cases of insomnia can be cured with changes in your daily life style. Just relying on sleep specialists or sleeping pills will not guarantee your deep sleep. Well-planned strategies are essential to deep sleep in a long term point of view. The key, or secret, is trying as many things as possible. What works for someone may not work as well for others. It's important to find the good strategies that fit best to you.


21001256 SeoHee Park/ How to make a good relationship with your team workers/Thusday56

How to make a good relationship with your team workers

Are you ready to be part of your dreamed company? We already know that we need a great spec to be contracted by a company, but actually not all the companies are looking for someone with an amazing spec; they look for people who can be melted naturally on their team. Because of this, to make a good relationship with your future team workers you have to learn from how to act, how to deal with a bad mood people, until how to overcome your mistakes.

I want to give you some tips about the proper way to act when you are with your team workers. First of all, you need a smiling face, it sounds really easy but it was the most difficult thing on my experience at working. The office is a stressful place, so even you're a happy person it won't be easy to smile if you are stressed. But I don't mean that you have to smile like a Barbie all the day, what you need is to learn how to control your emotions. So if you are stressed take a cup of tea and calm down yourself because no one will ask you every day if you are okay.

As we know there is all kind of people in this world and of course, there are a bad mood people. You have to remember that in Korean society only the boss can be in a bad mood, it sounds awkward but that's the way it is. When I saw a bad mood employee, that person always had problems with everyone. So if this kind of person makes you angry just avoid him or her, because you will not get anything if you discuss with that kind of people. Avoiding is the best way to deal with those types of characters. Or you can drink a cup of coffee and make him or her friend of yours; it can be another way to deal with those people.

Moreover, the best way to overcome our mistakes inside of a team is the acceptance. We learn from a child that we have to accept our mistakes, but at a work the acceptance has to be fast because if you are afraid to be scolded by the boss for your mistake and you hide it, later on the whole team will be scolded, and they will hate you for a several time. So don't be afraid for anything because the time passes and the hard time will also pass.

There are still many lessons to learn outside from the college, but it will be better if we know some of the tips before going through the world. And on my experience on jobs, dealing with people was the hardest work, so I learned valuable lessons by making myself a smoother person, also learning how to deal with angry people and how to overcome my mistakes in the best way at a working place.

Monday, March 30, 2015

201103477 Chun Young Ho/ How to complain effectively / Thurs 56

201103477 Chun Young Ho/ How to complain effectively / Thurs 56


How to complain effectively


In our daily life we often confront a situation what we cannot help complaining about something. This can happen in restaurant, bus, hotel, school and even in the home. So when you are in this situation how can you complain effectively? It is important to indicate proper mistakes, faults and dissatisfaction with gentle but dignified manner. Also you should find someone who can help you, and don't be emotional. It is good to thank the individual for his attention.

Firstly you should complain at proper fault of opposition or situation. Common sense is good standard for judging that the complain is justifiable. Also you should considerate in the stance of opposition side.  We express our frustration and flail our arms at the first person we see. Unfortunately, those are the people who are the least empowered such as waiter or bell boy. Does your room has one bed instead of two? Don't ask the bell boy. Want to replace your entree? The bus boy can't help you. Ask for a manager.

Secondly, when you got a right point, you should deliver your thought and feeling to opposition in polish way. The word 'polish' doesn't mean you should be coward or jerk. It is important to express your idea in firm but moderate mood. Also don't forget to keep your manner.  Be clear about what happened and how you want the situation to be resolved. If you need your money back, be specific about the 'amount'. If it's a service issue and you want some kind of explanation, state that. It will be easier for the person to correct the situation if you're in front of what you want.

Lastly, don't be emotional about how angry this incident has made you. Don't raise your voice or make angry gestures in public place. The key to actually getting what you want in the situation is to get the person who can help you on your side. If you're acting as a threatener, the person will be far less likely to want to give you what you want. Control your body language and facial expression so that you appear calm and alert. Don't use crossed arms, eye rolling, and other gestures that imply you might lose your temper at any moment.


To sum up, if you want to complain effectively, you should complain at proper fault to right related individual. Next, be clear and keep your manner. It is sufficient to resolve your situation in using some moderate words. Lastly don't be emotional. Gestures viewed as a threatening doesn't help your situation. Additionally it is good to thank the individual for his time and attention. Don't forget to be on opposition side once. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lee Jaehwan / Process Analysis Essay 1st Draft / Thur. 1300-1500

How about a Steak Tonight?

How much do you usually spend on a steak at a decent restaurant? Quite a bit, most likely. Do you sometimes get frustrated with how small and simple it looks, compared to its price? Price does not necessarily mean that the dish requires a very difficult and meticulous process of cooking, and steak is a good example. You can easily replicate one at home with a little bit of guts for the challenge. For beginners, I would like to give some advices on preparing for a steak at home.

We cannot talk about a steak with beef, but every journey starts with a single step: you have to get your beef from somewhere. You may find it somewhat tricky to buy proper meat for your steak. Even major supermarkets in Korea, such as E-mart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus, rarely ever sell proper one. Then, what do I mean by proper? The most important thing to your beef is thickness; 1 to 1.3 inches are suitable for a regular domestic frying pan. However, meat sections in the supermarkets do not customize your meat like that—even if there is a good one for a steak, it is likely to be costly for its weight. What I do is to go to a local butcher`s and order my meat to be customized in size and thickness. Although you may not expect as much marbling as high-quality beef in a restaurant, one you buy at a butcher`s is much economical—about 12,000 won for 1.3 pounds of sirloin (U.S. imports)—and you can get what you want. Now, having our beef in hand, we turn to the kitchen.

On your way to the kitchen, I recommend you to drop by a grocery store to get some peeled garlic, a pack of butter (avoid salt-free one because it will taste too healthy) and anything that you want to garnish your steak with—I preferably take mushrooms and, if available, asparagus. When you get to the kitchen, you have to make your ingredients ready. First, have your meat outside at room temperature for around 10 minutes so that the center of your sirloin will not be frozen. You should not get rid of blood by smothering it in water; it will draw out the flavor as well. When the beef becomes tender, it is time to season it—not a big deal. Sprinkling salt and pepper (ground whole pepper is preferable) will do, on the both sides of the meat (and be generous!) It is better to tap the meat lightly after seasoning in order to get it absorbed. While you are preparing the beef, the frying pan will be smoking hot. Then, you have to oil the pan with cooking oil like ground oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil—my recommendation is extra virgin olive oil, but it is up to you. When the oil just starts to smoke, put 4 or 5 cloves of the peeled garlic onto the pan over medium heat and move them around the pan to make sure the oil taste the garlic.

Here is the real game. We will put the meat onto the pan. After the garlic becomes a little brown, place your sirloin in the center of the pan, using a pair of tongs, or chopsticks. You must hear the hissing sound as soon as the meat touches the pan surface. Otherwise, temperature is wrong. You might get flustered at this point, but no worries; all you need to do with the beef is to flip it over every minute to cook it evenly on each side. After the first flip, add a knob of butter and your garnish to cook with the steak, like mushrooms. After the second flip, tilt the pan towards you and start basting the meat with a spoon. Keep flipping and basting until you get the temperature you want; over medium heat, it normally takes 3-4 minutes for rare, 5-6 for medium, and over 7 for well-done. Once you reach that point, you should turn the gas off immediately, take your steak out, and let it rest for about 3 or 4 minutes at room temperature. Also baste the steak with the oil while it is resting. And, here you are, a home-cooked steak for you.

My tips so far seem fairly long, but the actual cooking takes less than 10 minutes—it is not rocket science, either. First, get proper meat at a butcher`s. Second, prepare other ingredients and season your meat. Third, flip and baste until you get what you want. In addition to that, you may as well get yourself with a little courage to step outside and explore. With these simple rules, you can enjoy flavorful steaks on a big day with your friends or dearest one. Bon appetite!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ahn Chihwan / Process Essay / Thu 1-3 p.m.

Sikhye, Korean traditional drink

Have you heard that you can make a drink out of rice? Other than Makgulli, Sikhye, sweet rice beverage, is one of rice drinks enjoyed in Korea. Because Sikhye helps to facilitate digestion, Koreans usually have Sikhye during holiday seasons. You need only a few ingredients to make Sikhye, which are barley malt powder, pine nuts, rice, sugar and water. Plus, it's quite easy to make by using a rice cooker. 

I believe it would not be difficult to get the ingredients for Sikhye. You need 1 package of barley malt powder(1 pound), 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of sugar, 25 cups of water, and some pine nuts. You can adjust the quantities of the ingredients depending on your taste. For instance, you could add 3 cups of sugar if you'd like sikhye sweeter. But you should not skip barley malt powder even though I called Sikhye a rice drink, because the flavor of barley is the very essence of Sikhye.

Now here is the recipe. The first step to make Sikhye is put 1 package of barley malt powder and 25 cups of water in a basin and mix it. Set it aside for two hours till the dregs are sunk. Next, by using a pot, make some rice and set it aside. When the mixed barley liquid and the water are separated, pour the liquid from the top into the rice cooker. After adding 1 cup of sugar and the cooked rice, stir it and set the rice cooker's function to warm for 4 hours. When the rice is fermented, a few grains will float to the surface. Now put the liquid from the rice cooker to a large pot, add 1 cup of sugar and boil it. Remove the foam floating on the top of the boiling liquid, and put the liquid in glass jars and keep it in the refrigerator. Drop some pine nuts before you serve it. 

As stated above, Koreans usually make and have Sikhye during holiday seasons such as Seollal or Chuseok. The reason might be because people tend to overeat on holidays, so eat Sikhye made of barley malt which is famous for helping digestion. Personally I love Sikhye, as I believe that Sikhye helps me with my full stomach and love the subtle flavor. So whenever my mother comes to visit me in Seoul, she makes Sikhye for me. 

I introduced how to make Sikhye using a rice cooker. Other than Sujeonggwa, sikhye is one of Korea's own traditional drinks. If you have ever a chance to visit Korea, I recommend you should try it. 

Sikhye, Korean traditional drink

Have you heard that you can make a drink out of rice? Other than Makgulli, Sikhye, sweet rice beverage, is one of rice drinks enjoyed in Korea. Because Sikhye helps to facilitate digestion, Koreans usually have Sikhye during holiday seasons. You need only a few ingredients to make Sikhye, which are barley malt powder, pine nuts, rice, sugar and water. Plus, it's quite easy to make by using a rice cooker. 

I believe it would not be difficult to get the ingredients for Sikhye. You need 1 package of barley malt powder(1 pound), 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of sugar, 25 cups of water, and some pine nuts. You can adjust the quantities of the ingredients depending on your taste. For instance, you could add 3 cups of sugar if you'd like sikhye sweeter. But you should not skip barley malt powder even though I called Sikhye a rice drink, because the flavor of barley is the very essence of Sikhye.

Now here is the recipe. The first step to make Sikhye is put 1 package of barley malt powder and 25 cups of water in a basin and mix it. Set it aside for two hours till the dregs are sunk. Next, by using a pot, make some rice and set it aside. When the mixed barley liquid and the water are separated, pour the liquid from the top into the rice cooker. After adding 1 cup of sugar and the cooked rice, stir it and set the rice cooker's function to warm for 4 hours. When the rice is fermented, a few grains will float to the surface. Now put the liquid from the rice cooker to a large pot, add 1 cup of sugar and boil it. Remove the foam floating on the top of the boiling liquid, and put the liquid in glass jars and keep it in the refrigerator. Drop some pine nuts before you serve it. 

As stated above, Koreans usually make and have Sikhye during holiday seasons such as Seollal or Chuseok. The reason might be because people tend to overeat on holidays, so eat Sikhye made of barley malt which is famous for helping digestion. Personally I love Sikhye, as I believe that Sikhye helps me with my full stomach and love the subtle flavor. So whenever my mother comes to visit me in Seoul, she makes Sikhye for me. 

I introduced how to make Sikhye using a rice cooker. Other than Sujeonggwa, sikhye is one of Korea's own traditional drinks. If you have ever a chance to visit Korea, I recommend you should try it.