Monday, March 16, 2015

21001256 SeoHee Park/Make a clear thesis statement/Thursday 56

Make a clear thesis statement



A clear thesis statement on an essay is the key point to make a good writing. In all cases it is obvious that all writers have an idea of what they are going to write before starting an essay, but sometimes the writers including me, write more ideas than what we should. It means if we don't have a clear thesis statement on our essay we can be easy to lose our main idea and write other things that are not the main points of our essay. To make a clear thesis statement, it needs to be short, it has to be on a relation with you and it has to be a guide of your writing.


When I wrote my first thesis statement I was confused on how many ideas could I add on my statement and also on how long it has to be. And it happened because I wasn't able to organize my ideas shortly; but the tip was to focus on writing my ideas in one or two sentences. Also, it had to be short because the thesis statement has to be presented early on the essay it means, in the introduction of our essay. So I had to avoid vague words to make it shorter, clear and specific.


Therefore, the thesis statement has to be on a relation with the writer, that is, it has to be familiar with us to also make the audience familiar with what we will going to explain. As an example, if I write my essay about technology or science I have to be aware to not to write technical words to make it understandable to the readers. Also writing just facts on statement cannot show any ideas of the essay, so we have to go further from those facts and show our points of view which later will be used as the main idea.


Furthermore, to make the thesis statement as a guide of an essay we have to be sure that it is clear for us, and for the readers. On one of my essays I thought that I've wrote the correct main points in the statement, but when I was writing I wasn't able to explain them, that was, I had to be more thorough on my statement to make it explainable for me as for the readers. And also the thesis statement needs to impress the readers to make it memorable to them, so to be functioned as a guide of our essay.


An essay will always need a thesis statement; it has to be short and with our own main ideas to be a guide of our essay. This is one of the skills that we can add to our list to make good writing, but in my own opinion, starting an essay just with a clear thesis statement it can allow us to write with more confidence and clearness that is, we can catch the attention of the readers.



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