Thursday, March 12, 2015

Minji Kim201200440/The secret blog/Thursday1-3pm


I have a secret blog which contains all of my privacy life. Many people do facebook, twitter, and other social network services. I did do them also, but I quit them since I learned how tired it is to connect with people in SNS. In Korea, people care a lot about other people's thinking. So they upload the luxury life or something one is proud of. Of course there are people not uploads things like that but I was already tired of fake life. In my opinion, SNS is masquerade. It just brings us the loneliness and makes us compare our life with other. So I quit all SNS and start my secret blog. I've posted book and movie reviews and using blog as diary. When I have worries, I write my feeling in blog. It's almost 200 posts in my blog.


In fact, my blog is not literally 'secret', because anyone who knows URL of my blog could see it. But none of my friend knows it and I don't care about the visitors who accidently visit my blog because they are not my friends in real world. For me, blog is outlet for my emotions. People do their hobby when under pressure, and my hobby is blogging. I'll be really embarrassed if my friends or family know about my blog. Therefore it is my top secret which no one else knows.

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