Thursday, March 12, 2015

Seong-ho Lee / reflection about eng presentation class / Thursday 1-3(pm)

These days , almost every moment was a transition to me . a new university, new classmates , new professors , and especially new studies !

I transferred to this university from another school in this semester so although my grade is third year , I m not different than a new student . because I already studied English before , I thought I would follow all kinds of English lessons here but in the presentation class , I got totally stupefied by all the people there .  even not a student there was clumsy at presenting something in front of many people ( its not really many , about 30 , but quite many to me) . actually I don't have enough experience in English presentation and even more confidence and brash . guess , did I make it out ? nope, it was totally the worst . I realized I was so awkward and poor … it was so tremendous a shame to a diffident and shy person like me. Even while I write this passage , I worry if somebody laugh at me and my material. But the clear is I can't circumvent these classes . I realized to the quick that I should study and practice continuously and patiently even if it doesn't work soon and the improvement isn't really that visible. By the way after I screwed my presentation , I asked one beside me why all these people are so fluent ? an how many years had you lived abroad? he said " I was abroad for 7 years . and many others must be like that . "

A skepticism : why do the people who are already fluent In English come to Korea and enter an university and take the English class for educating basic students ? It's not a normal phenomenon in Korea , I deem.  It will be a bumpy road here , tough days but after all it will turn to a fruit .



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  1. I liked how you started the introduction part with such delight. I strongly identified with the kind of anxieties in times of giving presentations in English and mixed emotions about studying with people who had many years in foreign country. I enjoyed reading your essay that depicts your feelings vividly.