Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lee, Jun Ki / 201102687 / Assembling your words / Thursday 1-3

What do you think is the important point when you are writing an essay? I think the structure is the most important factor. Your essay should be divided into introduction, body, and conclusion, and for each part there has to be certain part that makes your writing stronger. For introduction it would be a 'hook'. For body, it is examples, and for conclusion it would mean a closing sentence. With these crucial points, you can make your essay and your ideas look stronger.


           First, introductory paragraph is very important. Think of it as a first-impression. What you show in your introduction could draw or distract people from your essay. To attract people's attention, the best way is having an intriguing hook for your readers. Some of the good ways to attract people is by using proverb, question, or quotes. Depending on your topic and argument you should choose a hook that is right for you. For examples when you are writing about friendship issue, it is better to start paragraph by saying 'A friend is a second self' than just writing 'I think friends are important in our lives'. Now, which one attracts more attention from you? Hook makes your essay attractive to others, and that could make your essay stand out from others'.


           Second, examples are the best way to support your argument. From personal experience to a statistics, including examples in for essay would make your idea look much stronger and persuasive. When you are writing an essay there is always have to an answer for the question 'why', the example would do a perfect job in answering readers' questions. An essay without an example would be like an argument without a proof. Let's assume that you are persuading other people to drink less with your essay. If you do not have an example, people would not even give a second thought out drinking. However, if you include statistics about cancer rates and liver problems, there is more chance that they would give it a second thought.


           Lastly, it is very important to end an essay with proper closing remarks. Conclusion should include summarization and concluding sentence. In your concluding paragraph, you should be able to inform your readers that you are going to end your writing and make your ideas crystal clear to them. Through your conclusion paragraph, they will need to remember your arguments or ideas. Be sure to contain all the necessary parts so that your great writing would not go to wrong direction.


           In conclusion, writing is difficult task, but if you have certain structure, you will be able to write more easily. Keep in mind that introduction should draw attention, and the body should have examples to persuade or make yourself understood to readers. Nobody is a good writer from the beginning, so you should start by assembling essays so that every elements go to where they should be.


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  1. I'm Chihwan. I read your post well. I think you made your point clear. As I understand, you focused on the structure of a writing. You claimed that an introduction paragraph should draw attention and body paragraphs should include examples to support the points, and the conclusion has to summarize and guide the writing into the right direction. I agree with you on those points. I think I could emphasize the structure too because I wrote my post focusing on the contents. By the way, I noticed some grammatical issue, most of which are about the noun-verb agreement.