Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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How to lose weight without losing your mind.


Most of the people must have tried to lose weight. It's considered as one of the best way to manage themselves. If someone has a slim body, other people tend to think that he is good-looking and even very diligent person. It normally leaves good impression to others. It's a social stereotype in Korea. Under this circumstances, people try hard to burn their fat. It's not only for the health, but also for other side effects. However, losing weight is like stepping to a threshold of losing your mind. Among the various obstacles, controlling your own mind is the hardest, and the most important thing. From my experience, I would like to tell you various factors that help you lose weight without losing your mind.

First of all, Don't blame yourself. Remember that you can always make a mistake. To lose weight is to take care of the diet, and the exercise. To lose weight, I have worked out at gym, and tried hard not to eat too much since last year. At first, I thought I could easily lose weight. However, I stayed in shape for months. I cut down the amount of eating, and took notes of what I ate from the breakfast till I went to bed, changing the exercise schedule, and etc. At that time, I was really discouraged. I started to blamed everything for myself. This led me to see everything worse. To release stress, I overate, which made everything worse. Keep in your mind that blaming may lead you get into the worse situation.

Second, Stop thinking of what you can't eat, but think of what you can eat. A study found that when people think of something, the negative things comes in their minds first. It means that people easily get stressed, thinking of what they can not eat. It also happened to me. Ever since I decided to lose weight, I stopped eating sweets, especially chocolate. but then, whenever I felt hungry, I started to thinking of having a piece of chocolate. To get over it, I asked my trainer and his answer was simple. I started to count on the food I could eat, or I would choose to eat to be healthier. After that, whenever I'm in front of the refrigerator, I remind myself to take the best food for my body.

Last but not least, reward yourself. It's very easy for a person to find bad thing to blame while it's easy to find good thing to prise. Losing weight is a hard thing. In fact, no one praised you for not eating chocolate and working out. I'm a very negative person, so I never saw the good things I had done. For me, my counselor recommended to make a compliment to myself, thinking as if I were a different human. After the workout, I looked myself in the mirror, and said good things to myself with a big smile. It sounds hilarious but it really worked. I even bought small present for me to encourage myself.

Losing weight is hard thing to accomplish. People tend to lose their mind easily, thinking all the negative thing like I did. Don't blame yourself. You can make mistake. Stop thinking of what you can't eat, but thinking of what you can choose to eat to be healthier. And, reward yourself. Then you'll succeed to lose weight without losing your mind.

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  1. I read your post well :) I think also that keeping our body shape is important. But I also agree that it's really hard. Actually, I really hate exercising so my body shape isn't that good shape. It's tragedy but after seeing your advice, I think that I can make it :) Thank you for advice. Now, I will comment you according to the checklist on page 47 and page 58. :)
    Your thesis statement summarizes well the entire essay. You included background information saying that losing weight is really hard. your ach paragraph presents a diferent part of the process. Your body paragraphs include various details supporting each topic sentence. And you concluded your essay with recommendation and you restated your 3 main ideas well in the conclusion and I liked it. Your body paragraphs explain the steps clearly but I think that if you explained the steps of the process in more sequential order, it would be better :)