Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kim Nam Hye/Christmas market/ Thu 1-3pm


Christmas is one of the biggest festivals in the world. Actually, however, I'm not a Christian, and I didn't regard it as special day before I spent my Christmas time in Germany. But, certainly Christmas in Europe was completely different from one in Korea. I was so surprised and amused by beautiful Christmas market there. Also, for people living there, it was really important holiday -families gather and spend time together. They save money for a whole 1 year to buy a decent Christmas present for their loved ones. I spent my Christmas holiday at Nürnberg. Here is the most famous Christmas market in Germany. There, I watched and experienced exotic things.


In order to get to the place, I needed to take a bus beforehand. So, my friends and I booked the bus ticket a week earlier before the market opens. We took a bus at central station in our city. Then it took us for about 2hour to get there. We spent our time talking about how the market will be. As soon as we arrive at the central bus station in Nürnberg, we were very excited to get there. From the station, we could already feel the exciting atmosphere of holiday. There were many people in the station who also came here to enjoy the Christmas market. We walked the street to find the central place where many of markets are gathered together. There we could enjoy the whole thing! After a few walks of 20minutes, we finally arrived at the market place. It was amazing! Many different kinds of stalls were waiting for us to watch and buy it.


First, entering the entrance of market, there were lots of sausage and beer stall to enjoy different kinds of sausage from every region in Germany-sausage from Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, and so on. Also, next to it, a traditional Christmas alcohol beverage called Glühwein was sold largely too. It's a hot alcohol beverage, kind of refined rice wine. Many people stood in front of the stall and drank it with their faces blushed. There was also non-alcoholic Glühwein for kids too. Next to them stood stalls where sweet nuts were sold: Peanuts, Walnuts, Macadamia, Hazelnuts coated with sweet caramel syrup. Sweet scent of sugar wafted up from stalls. In addition to that, traditional Christmas cookie called Lebkuchen was also sold everywhere in the market. It is a cookie made from flour, instead from chopped nuts, ginger, and mixture of many kinds of spices. It's a bit like a ginger cookie.


Not only delicious foods and beverages are sold, but also charming gift stores are waiting for the crowd to come. The most striking stall was the one with a doll's house made of woods. They are all hand-made products. Therefore, the quality was really great and they were very cute. Many kids liked it. Stalls with beautiful candle also attract the buyer there. Many different colors of wonderfully decorated candles for Christmas are also loved by many people who are looking for a nice Christmas gift for their loved one. Ornaments for Christmas tree are one of the most important items in the market too. There were countless ornaments of various colors and designs for Christmas tree. Wood-made nutcracker caught my eye too.



I can still remember the day I spent my holiday at Christmas market with my friends. The day reminds me of all the things there-from the bus station to the way for market, from the Glühwein to Lebkuchen, and from the Doll's house to nutcracker. The time I spent during my Christmas holiday was an amazing moment, as I can experience it only there. Spending time in exotic place where one can enjoy unique experience is important during one's life time, for one can make unforgettable memory about it.









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  1. Your intro grabbed my attention. You included background information about stories of your Christmas in Europe. The thesis statement clearly served as a hook and a guide for what the whole essay is going to be about. Plus, I see you presented a different part of the process logically in each paragraph which was easy to follow. Your descriptions about meals and outlets were sufficient as supporting details. Your conclusion made a lasting impression as well~ :-)