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201103477 Chun Young Ho/ How to complain effectively / Thurs 56

201103477 Chun Young Ho/ How to complain effectively / Thurs 56


How to complain effectively


In our daily life we often confront a situation what we cannot help complaining about something. This can happen in restaurant, bus, hotel, school and even in the home. So when you are in this situation how can you complain effectively? It is important to indicate proper mistakes, faults and dissatisfaction with gentle but dignified manner. Also you should find someone who can help you, and don't be emotional. It is good to thank the individual for his attention.

Firstly you should complain at proper fault of opposition or situation. Common sense is good standard for judging that the complain is justifiable. Also you should considerate in the stance of opposition side.  We express our frustration and flail our arms at the first person we see. Unfortunately, those are the people who are the least empowered such as waiter or bell boy. Does your room has one bed instead of two? Don't ask the bell boy. Want to replace your entree? The bus boy can't help you. Ask for a manager.

Secondly, when you got a right point, you should deliver your thought and feeling to opposition in polish way. The word 'polish' doesn't mean you should be coward or jerk. It is important to express your idea in firm but moderate mood. Also don't forget to keep your manner.  Be clear about what happened and how you want the situation to be resolved. If you need your money back, be specific about the 'amount'. If it's a service issue and you want some kind of explanation, state that. It will be easier for the person to correct the situation if you're in front of what you want.

Lastly, don't be emotional about how angry this incident has made you. Don't raise your voice or make angry gestures in public place. The key to actually getting what you want in the situation is to get the person who can help you on your side. If you're acting as a threatener, the person will be far less likely to want to give you what you want. Control your body language and facial expression so that you appear calm and alert. Don't use crossed arms, eye rolling, and other gestures that imply you might lose your temper at any moment.


To sum up, if you want to complain effectively, you should complain at proper fault to right related individual. Next, be clear and keep your manner. It is sufficient to resolve your situation in using some moderate words. Lastly don't be emotional. Gestures viewed as a threatening doesn't help your situation. Additionally it is good to thank the individual for his time and attention. Don't forget to be on opposition side once. 

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