Monday, March 23, 2015

Chil Seok , Romeo and Juliet in Korea

Irrespective of countries , many people may have in their mind a story of an unfortunate couple , 'Romeo and Juliet ' which written by William Shakespeare  . do you believe a similar story exists in Korea ? yet , the difference is that the story in Korea is related to a celebration day in July 7 named ' Chil Seok ' (Chil means 7 in Korean)  . Like Romeo and Juliet , there is a couple , they were not allowed to meet each other but unlike Shakespeare's , background, ending and detailed settings are not the same .


To begin with the story , so long time ago, a boy named Kyeon U and a girl named Jik Nyeo lived. Mr K was a shepherd , Mrs J was a daughter of The king of The heaven . the king was reigning the heaven, the boy was over a galaxy beside the heaven . someday the king made his daughter marry Kyeon U after seeing He did a good job in a farm . yet , suddenly he got lazy because their love were too dynamic and robust . so people living in the heaven necessarily got hungry due to the lack of food , and the king having been seeing all the scene made a decision , he made the couple apart by putting a galaxy between them . Both were so sorrowful ,and crows and magpies beholding the state could bear it , and they put a bridge connecting both of them by stone on the Chil Seok day , and the name of the bridge is Ojak Kyo . what is funny here is , if you see crows and magpies' heads before the day , all are bold . the reason is said that they all put the stones on their heads in order that they could fly up and make the bridge on the sky . the second one is that it usually rains on the Chil Seok day , people call the rain one day before the day happy tears that Kyeon U and Jik Nyeo shed because they meet and call the rain one day after the day sad tears that they shed because they go apart. The background of this tale is said to be from this fact that a star named 'Altair' from a constellation Aquila and Vega from Lyra are each placed on the east and west of the galaxy. On this celebration day , children make a poet regarding this couple, people eat fried pumpkins , wheat noodles and mediocre people believed that the God comes down and decide the amount of harvest , so they keep staying at home. And about this story .

Although this celebration day is not big one like Seol Nal or Chu Seok , this is evidently interesting to know . so this is even in a online game ' Baram ui Nara ' . I think this roman story deserves to be a representative love story of Korea and I will boastfully tell foreigners this when they ask me about such a story .



  1. This is Kwanhyung Lee from your class.
    I think the thesis is solid about how to lure the audience into making notes about the famous Romeo and Juliet.
    However it seems there is some background information missing in the intro.
    It is understandable in the body paragraph, and maybe it could be revised to split into three paragraphs for clarity. Nevertheless, the logical sequence was excellent and there are enough examples and facts to support your idea.
    You conclude with a recommendation of telling foreigners into the story.

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  3. Hi. This is Jihyun Lee.
    I like this story and your title. Your thesis statement is clear and background information is included briefly in the introduction. Also, body paragraph is presented the detailed story about the Kyeon U and Jik Nyeo in a logical sequence. However, I think it is better split the body paragraph into 2 or 3 paragraph than one paragraph for understanding. But, I like your sort of recommendation in conclusion.
    Specially, it is really interesting that comparison Kyeon U and Jik Nyeo with Romeo and Juliet.

  4. this is written by LeeSeongho ... ( it looks, i forgot to write my name then )