Wednesday, March 11, 2015

201300076 Kang Ji Woon/ Write something about yourself that no one else knows/120315/ Thursday1-3pm


There may be some people who hug their cushion or pillow when they're watching TV show. Well, my love for pillows goes much deeper than that. You wouldn't have imagined somebody hugging a pillow when they are sitting in front of computer and typing something. However, I'm doing just that right now sharing my secret love for pillows with you.

Whenever I'm at home, my hands always search for pillows to grip and cuddle. And I carry it all around the house no matter where I am(Of course, I don't carry it to bathroom). Once I return my home and change into comfortable attire, I have to grab a pillow and stick to it. Sometimes, my father tells me that I'm so immature that I'm carrying it all around the house like a child. But I can't help it really. Sometimes I try to live without hugging anything so that I wouldn't be so dependent to them. But it feels like that something is lacking and I have no choice but go and find something to cuddle with. It just feels uncomfortable and awkward for me. My family doesn't understand my likings for fluffy things saying that I'm an adult and shouldn't be immature, but I really like fluffy and comfortable things that I can cuddle and hug and I am not letting go of them anytime soon.

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