Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ahn Chihwan / Write something about myself / Thu 11-1 p.m.

 When asked what my hobbies are by a stranger, I usually say I like listening to music or watching movies. It's true. But, actually, one of my hobbies I enjoy is playing the piano. The first job I thought I wanted to be was a pianist, while my parents didn't want me to. Though it's only for 3 years that I was taught in an academy when I was a kid, I have kept playing it at home. So I became able to play many works I didn't learn. But, because I didn't tell others that I can play the piano, only my family could hear me do it. I think I was kinda reserved about it that I wanted to hide it somehow. However, after I graduated from high school, things changed. There was a chance to play the wedding march at my cousin's wedding. It was the first time to play the piano in front of lots of strangers, which I assume gave me a sort of courage. Since then, most of my close friends got to know I could play the piano. Some friends that can play musical instruments and I made a band, and I had chances to play the keyboard(tho it's not exactly the piano) with others. Moreover, I took a course on classical music and the course required playing a musical instrument. It gave me an opportunity to be actually graded with the piano, and I got an A+ on that course. Although HUFS doesn't have any student majoring in music, it meant a lot to me. Other than the pleasure of playing the piano, the piano has more significances to me. Whenever I get stressed or want to relax, I sit at the piano. Then, I feel comforted.

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