Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lee Jaehwan / Something about Me / Thursday, 1300-1500

Recently I have found myself indulged in cooking. I have lived apart from my family in Seoul or elsewhere for almost 5 years, but I mostly ate fast food and instant food when I was at home. So, cooking was far from my life. For some reason, it looked very sophisticated and difficult,  demanding skills, tools, and finance to start with. However, an about two-minute video clip I happened to watch on Facebook during the last vacation successfully broke that barrier of mine.

It was about how to cook a sirloin steak by Gordon Ramsay, one of the world-famous chefs. In the clip, it simply looks simple—all you need is your meat, a frying pan, and little bit of salt and pepper, and then like he says, "Let the pan do the work." So I tried and, incidentally, my first dish ever was a steak cooked almost medium, which was okay to me. Not only I realized its easiness, but also it provided me with confidence to challenge any other dishes. So far, I have made more steaks, American breakfast, and a series of pasta out of fresh ingredients, not using pre-made stuff.

Indeed, cooking is a sophisticated piece of work; you have to be delicate in order to get a flavor that you want—but not difficult. Rather, the process of cooking allows for logical thinking: how long you cook the ingredients, how much seasoning you put in it, and so on. Cooking everyday is a fascinating experiment for me to find out minute differences and its results. In addition, if done right, I can probably enjoy my diner`s smiley face.

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