Wednesday, March 25, 2015

201302308 Dooseok Lee/Steps for Purchasing Goods Abroad/Thursday 1-3pm

Steps for Purchasing Goods from Abroad


Recently, buying goods directly from abroad is a national trend in Korea. This has many advantages. You can get products not available in Korea at a cheap price. But many people go through hardships in purchasing from abroad because of complicated procedures and language issues. Therefore, they use services located in Korea that do all these complicated procedures for you, but additional fees are required for using them. Are these additional fees really worth its price? Is buying things from abroad really complicated as some people think? Absolutely not. As soon as you read tips and simple steps I'm going to tell, you will be able to easily buy things from abroad in no time.


To start, there are two ways of finding out what you want to buy from abroad. The first one is when you have the exact product name or a model name of what you are going to purchase. Then you can search the name through google, eBay, or Amazon. Then you can choose the website after thoroughly comparing prices and shipping dates. The second way is to find the product in shopping websites. For example, the product you want to buy is clothing, is famous for it. If shoes are what you are looking for, finish is the site to look for. Then you can enter those websites and choose the product at your taste.


Once you have decided what product to buy, and also where to buy it, the purchasing process awaits. Unlike purchasing through Korean websites, you can only pay by visa credit card or Paypal. This is the process that most people think as difficult and tiresome. But even if you do not have a Visa card, you can easily register through which also provides  Korean version website. Before you make your payment, you have to be aware that you could pay duty tax if the amount of your total payment is 200$ or higher. You can pay the duty after the product has been delivered to Incheon Airport. The customs will inform you the amount of duty fee you need to pay.



After you have made your payment, you need to be concerned about putting in shipping address. When you are putting in your address to foreign websites, you should not put it in address in Korean, but English version of Korean address. You can easily typing in your address at and then you can easily get your address translated in English. You should also be aware that shipping date is about five times longer than than of Korean. Even though the whole process might seem quite not simple, but I'm really sure that you can easily handle it when you get used to it.  



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  1. Hi. I'm Chihwan. I read your post well. You introduced two ways of buying things directly from abroad and the details of them. I has been thinking of buying things at cheap prices from abroad but the process seemed kinda complicated to me. I thought I could do it if I followed your essay. One thing I wish you had done is write a concluding paragraph that sums up your essay and wrap it up. :)