Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ahn Chihwan / What's important to get writing right / Thursday 11-1 p.m.

What do you want to say?

What and why do you write? In my case, I usually write papers or reports for academic reasons in the university. I suppose you could write papers, letters, novels and so on for some reasons you've got. I claim it's important to know those reasons to get writing right. Every writing has its own purpose - whatever the purpose is(i.e. to inform, to warn, to advertise, to argue, to pursue joy) - and you should fulfill the purpose. In order to do this, you have to keep these following in mind: use your own idea; improve your vocabulary; and try to satisfy the reader.
The first important thing to fulfill the purpose of your writing is to use your own idea. Any writing should contain the writer's own creative idea. In most cases, using too general ideas or already used ones in writing could make your writing boring or even useless. For example, if you write to inform people that the earth is read, it won't be read much because everyone knows it already. It'd be better to come to think of something creative like things people don't know well than just use what's known well.
Secondly, improving your vocabulary will help a lot to get writing right. Consider using synonyms or different expressions with similar meanings not only to serve the purpose, but also to avoid boredom and increase the reader's interest. Also, by using a suitable tone, you could select proper expressions for the purpose of the writing. For example, if you write to warn about the fire, you could use synonyms like disaster or tragedy, while picking strong-toned expressions such as must or never. This way it becomes possible to write a warning meeting the purpose.
Lastly, try to satisfy the reader. You should remember someone will read your writing, which would be crucial for your purpose of writing. To convey your purpose or message successfully, it's important to make the reader satisfied in some sense. Making it interesting, thrilling, touching, or funny would be the ways. For example, if you want to advertise a product, try to write some copywriting that can make people laugh or think it's clever. If so people would be remember better, which is the purpose of writing in this case.
To sum up, it's recommended to use your own idea, improve your vocabulary, and try to satisfy the reader when writing in order to fulfill the purpose. These all can be seen just basic, but it requires lots of endeavor to fulfill these. It's quite challenging to come up with creative ideas every time, use different words about a thing, and at the same time satisfy the reader. Once you got to be able to do these, your writing will much improved. And then, given writing can be an effective tool to achieve what you want, you could be more confident and controlling.

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  1. Hi I agree with you that having a good vocabulary is essential to becoming a good writer. A person with a good idea but mediocre vocabulary can only go so far as a competent writer. Having a good vocabulary not only helps set the precise tone of the writing but also spices it up and gives it character. Personally, I read a lot of books and write down interesting phrases or words to improve my own vocabulary. ( Lim Jung-Yun, 201202968)