Wednesday, March 18, 2015

201102805 Lee Han Wook / Writing needs time and effort/ Thursday 1-3 pm


Writing needs time and effort


Writing is a kind of hard training. Every time we write and revise again, we can step along the road and become a better writer. How we write will vary from person to person to some extent as each person has their own style. However there is some basic principle of writing great contents that might be worth keeping in mind. You need to invest a lot of time and effort in practicing and revising to become a good writer.

 We write because we have an idea in our mind that feels so genuine, so important. And yet, this idea passes through the different filters of our mind, our hand. So the output is being onto the page or computer screen. It becomes distorted, and it becomes diminished or exaggerated. In most cases, the writing we just have put down is surely not what we are supposed to write. Our finished writings are just approximations of what we intended to do. So we should try to narrow the gap, as much as we possibly can, between what we wanted to write and what's actually we write. Even the writers' finished books are approximations of what they intended to do. They try to narrow the gap, as much as they possibly can, between what they wanted to say and what's actually on the page. Although there's still a gap after revising, we can narrow the gap through revising over and over.

We need to practice refining our writings more concisely. Too much things make our writing unfocused and vague. Keep it concise and don't stuff the sentence with unnecessary, diffuse content that obstructs our intentions being delivered to readers. Too many words or sentences can hurt the readers' concentration. Also it will just irritate the eyes, and make our point unclear. We just need to consider and focus on the people's demands and levels we're really writing for. The value of writing does not increase the longer it gets. Readers will not respect us more because we have written long sentences by superfluous words. So we need to practice writing short sentences that include what we really want to say with proper argument.


In conclusion, to get writing right, we need just one thing. Just exert all the endeavors as much as you can. Maybe no one wants to hear this, but in most case, better writings come from harder work and more times than just a sudden inspiration or secret method. Maybe there are tricks here and there, but real development in writing comes from honest effort. Someday our improved writing will repay the time and labor spent upon.

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  1. Hi I am Jun Ki from your class. Your tips sound very persuasive to me because I usually do not take much time in my writing. Like you said time and effort could help me improving my essay a lot. Next time I should take more time in writing procedure.