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201101883 Hyojeong Shim/How to write a cover letter that will make companies want to hire you/Thu1-3

How to write a cover letter that will make companies want to hire you

Although a lot of people believe that employers will read all your cover letters, in fact, they just visually scan and try to find the one they are looking for. Therefore, the purpose of the cover letter is not only to introduce and market yourself to an employer, but to give your application the focus and direct the reader's attention to the specific qualities you have. Ultimately, it should generate an impression that makes the employer wants to meet you in person and arrange an interview. There are three steps you can follow to write a great cover letter to catch the employer's eyes.

First, tell them why you picked them. You might be tempted to first talk about how fabulous you are or how you are the best person for this job. But that's not the best way to handle the cover letter. For example, when you meet a person for the first time and you start talking only about yourself, chances are the other person feels like he or she wants to get away from you as quickly as possible. If you want someone to be genuinely interested in you, you need to make sure that you make them feel special first before you start telling them about yourself. Make them feel like they are the only group you want to work for even if that's not the case. Do a research on newspapers or internet and pick something about them that you really admire. Every brand and company has got their own stories. Find an emotional attachment between yourself and the company and give them a real reason you've picked them.

So now you need to tell them why they should pick you. You flattered them enough, and now you need to look at the job description and pick top three things that are most relevant to you. Try to make your statement as convincing as possible and also add what kind of experiences helped you achieve those skills and qualities. Then tell them how much you want the job. This is where you should show your passion. For example, mentioning in the cover letter that you would do anything or start from anywhere just to learn from that company. Let them know how much the job really means to you. It doesn't have to be acting desperate but definitely show some passion.

To finish your cover letter, show them how much you care about the recruiters. One option could be ending your cover letter by saying "I know it is a very busy time for you and wish the best for the recruiting." You don't even know them and so they would think you are very considerate and give them pleasure. All people want to work with someone who is very thoughtful and cares about others. This sort of caring sentence can give so much impact than all the other qualities about yourself you've listed. Make your cover letter stand out from that of any other applicants.

As much as it is important to have a professional resume when applying for the job, the benefits of writing an exceptional cover letters are underrated. Resume is just a document that states the fact about yourself, but the cover letter gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd. So having a well-written cover letter is incredibly important. Follow these three basic steps: make them know how much you want it, how perfectly fit you are for the position you are applying for, and make them feel special, and you'll make an amazing progress. I wish you all job hunters the best of luck.


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