Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bae Young Ha/ Three ways to overcome insomnia/ Thursday 56

We can't stress too much the significance of sound sleep when we talk about health. Not only the quality of sleep is crucial but also sleep time is important. Sleep deprivation adversely affects your health, emotion, and concentration. So if you suffer from insomnia, you have to overcome it. Waking up early at a fixed time, working out, and relieving stress after work are helpful for treating insomnia.

Waking early at a fixed time is the first step to curing insomnia. People who have insomnia tend to get up late because they sleep very late at night. Getting up early at a fixed time makes you go to bed early. Once I had insomnia so I tried to wake up early regularly. I began to get up at 8 o' clock every day and it worked. Even though waking up early regularly is hard to stick with, your body will adjust to it. I want you to take this first step if you want to get over insomnia.

The next step you can take to cure insomnia is to work out and make yourself tired. Most people who have trouble in sleeping don't work out. You may not be sleepy at night because you are not exhausted. If you work out, your exhausted body will want you to go to bed early. From my experience, exercising everyday helped me overcome insomnia. I went to a boxing gym and learnt boxing regularly. So I could move ahead my time to go to bed.

Last but not least, you have to relieve stress after work if you want to fall asleep early. Stress stimulates sympathetic nerves, which keeps you up. You have to make your parasympathetic system kick into gear by taking a rest. Come early from work and set aside some time to get rid of stress. Watch movies, meet old friends, listen to music or do whatever you can to free yourself from daily stress. Just take time to relax. That will definitely help you sleep well.

  Following those three steps I mentioned will benefit those who suffer from insomnia. Every problem has its own solution. Insomnia is a medical problem that needs treating. If you are diagnosed or self-diagnosed as insomnia, there must be ways to treat it. Waking up early at a fixed time, working out, and getting rid of stress are also what doctors suggest. Try those steadily and see the changes that brings you a healthier life.


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