Monday, March 9, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong(201202029) / write something about yourself that no one else knows / 120315 / Thurs.56(13:00 – 15:00)

99% of all encounters is by chance.


   Because my life is profoundly related to my friends or my family, I would like to write about my friends to tell my story, particularly my two best friends in the university. One of two is named Gee-yeong and I met her in the school library. At that time, I had wanted to enter in a club called 'Le Monde' and to join that club, I had to prepare an article which is written in French before meeting club members. So I went to the library and settled myself in a chair on the second floor. After taking a seat, I took out my article to prepare and started to read it.

   A few minutes later, I noticed a person next to me and she was reading the same article with me! Surprised and also excited, I spoke to her. "Are you also planning to enter in 'Le Monde'?", I said. Then she replied, " Yes! You too?". We agreed to go together in a welcome meeting of the club. After that, we became intimate with each other and now, she is my best friend in the whole world. Our encounter was like a romance movie so I often say to her that if it were a boy, it would have been a perfect love story.

   My another best friend is named Ha-yeong and I met her first time in the same class when I was a first grade student. By chance, we had a chance to talk to each other and after a few words, she said that she knows a friend of mine that I got to know when I was a middle school student. We were so surprised and felt that the world is so small. We laughed and also we found out that our hometown was also close. I lived in Gong-ju and She lived in Dae-jeon so it was a 30 minutes distance by the car. Moreover, we entered in the school dormitory next semester and we got to see each other so often. Then now, we became best friends.

   Like this, we met each other by coincidence but became so close. So I think that almost all encounters start by chance. Now, Gee-yeong is in Vietnam for her study because her second major is Vietnamese. I'm a little bit lonely by her absence in Korea but because her future is much more important so I will hold on until she comes. Fortunately, Ha-yeong is standing by my side this semester so it is bearable. We promised to each other that if Gee-yeong returns, we would go to the karaoke together.





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  2. Hyojeong Shim/ That's really interesting, because I believe in love at first sight or coincident love, but I haven't really thought about "coincident friendship," and surprised it worked out incredibly well for you. It's good for you that you've met two such nice friends in an unusual and interesting way. I met my best friend in the student club as well, and I think when you are in a group like that, you are likely to meet people who have similar interest and be even more connected with them. I have a feeling that our friendship will last a lifetime, and wish you and your friends best of luck as well :)

  3. Gayoung, Kim / I understand you missing your friend cause I met my besties in HUFS. It is so nice and happy to have precious friends in our life, isn' it? I hope you guys' friendship lasts forever! :-)