Tuesday, March 17, 2015

201200018 Kang Dong Yi / I Write Because I Want to Remember / Thursday 1-3 pm

I write because I want to remember. I had always aspired to remember things the way I had seen and felt them the moment I had experienced them. However, memories tarnish and I am a terrible painter and an untalented photographer. The only gift that I had was writing, and I write about my everyday experienced in long and short forms, on notepads, Evernote, and on my Facebook wall. There are some rules that I incline to in order to leave more vivid images of my experiences and thoughts. 
First is to be as specific as possible and use beautiful metaphors. Being specific is always a beautiful method to enliven a piece of writing. Describing an imagery, an experience, or notion with detail heightens the quality of the writing by giving it more unique touches. Using metaphors do the same, and I try to allude things and use as much similes as possible. 
Second is always to record my dire thoughts. Roland Barthes introduces the terms 'studium' and 'punctum' in his book. Studium refers to the cultural, linguistic, and political interpretation of a given photograph, and punctum refers to the personal, wounding notions. I feel that we face such notions everyday, and that not only studium but punctum is to be recorded. I think and feel that there is much value in even the most odd, bizarre, and almost immoral thoughts that pierce myself every day. I'd rather be criticized for my own thoughts than be lauded for what are not mine. 
I write, because I want to not forget things, not to let my thoughts slip due to the imperfections of my memory. The aforementioned methods are the ways that I apply to grasp memories and notions. 

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