Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do young Kim / The Powderpuff Game / Thu 1-3 pm

Halloween is a night of celebrate even though it is not a holiday marked in red ink on the calendar. Originally, Halloween was known to be the night where the dead walks amongst the living and many used to fear Halloween due to the scary myths and legends. But today, people know Halloween as a night where kids dress up in ghastly costumes for trick or treating or where adults dress up in costumes for a party. However, my hometown of Princeton has a rather unique tradition for Halloween other than trick or treating or partying known as the Powderpuff Game.

So, what is a Powderpuff Game? Basically, it's an American football game where all players are females. It sounds very simple but there are still a specific set of requirements to meet and preparations that must be made in order to successfully host a Powderpuff Game. The preparation for the Powderpuff Game are in two steps: player selection and field preparation.

First step of the Powderpuff Game preparation is player selection. There will be a total of 30 players, 15 players on each team. All participants are required to attend Montgomery High School and be female of course. Usually, all cheerleaders are required to play and the vacant spots will be filled with other female student volunteers. This selection process takes two weeks before Halloween and when it is complete, the player pool will be divided into two teams randomly and the varsity football players will take on the coaching role as Halloween approaches.

The final step of the Powderpuff Game preparation is field preparation. The school football team players will head out to the football field and redraw the lines on the field to shrink the field dimensions to more suitable dimensions for girls. The field would be reduced from 100 yards in length to 60 yards. The players also prepare the benches and drinks for the female participants on both sides of the field as well. After all of these steps, the Powderpuff Game will finally be held on the Halloween evening.

The idea behind my hometown's unique tradition was to bring the town together on Halloween but more so to bring the cheerleaders and football players closer as our teams travel together everywhere for every game. The game itself was fun but it's the preparation process where players and cheerleaders bond and become better acquainted as we bring the town together on Halloween evening. The Powderpuff game was just a great hometown tradition where people are brought closer together to transform a ghastly evening into a bright, celebratory evening.


  1. Your thesis statement is clear and background information is mentioned briefly in the intro. Each paragraph is presented with detailed descriptions about the Powerduff game in step by step manner..which was easy to follow. Hmm I liked the way you brought your essay to conclusion. Normally I expect some sort of recommendation or warning in the end but how you wrapped up the content by referring to your own realization about the game was impressive. ^^

  2. Hello, I enjoyed your writing. This is the first time that I heard about powederpuff game so your logical process in each paragraph helped me to understand the game. Also background information helped me to figure out why that game is related with Halloween. Thesis statement and details are all well. Thankyou!