Monday, March 16, 2015

200902292 Kwanhyung Lee/Essential writing qualities you should not miss/Thursday 56

Essential writing qualities you should not miss


             Do you think writing is a boring process? But why do you think people keep on writing even if it is a very tedious work to do? Statistics from the Wall Street Journal shows that a person's actual income is dependent on one's ability to write well. It further elaborates that a good writer's thoughts and expressions are meticulously composed than the ordinary person. It seems that writing well may be a critical part of success. So let me tell you how to become a good writer and get your writing right, which are composed of three parts: Brainstorming ideas, finding and focusing on the thesis, and organizing the structure of the whole essay.


             First of all, brainstorming is a vital process that many writers leave off. People are afraid to express their ideas and thoughts because they think it is very lousy and off-the-topic. However for brainstorming, this is not the case. You have to overcome your fears and write every little hint of ideas that comes to your mind. Do not worry about anything, just write what pops up in your mind and follow through your stream of consciousness. In that way, every word or idea is coherent and what seemed unnecessary could become a very important part of the writing. So don't stop your pencil until you are out of thoughts about a specific topic.


             Secondly, building a strong thesis is essential to writing a high-quality essay. Thesis is a milestone that sets the topics of the body paragraph. And every idea made in the body paragraph, should come back to the thesis of the writing. It is like a rubber band, which seems to make an escape from the big rubber loop of the band, but comes back with tremendous force in the end. One should not try to rip off or get away from the rubber band, or will be hard for the readers to understand your points thoroughly. Hence, create your thesis and try to follow through it in your entire writing.


             Finally, the organization of the essay is what makes your writing more delicate and sophisticated. It seems to me that every man's intelligence is judged upon one's organization of thoughts and ideas. The more solid the organization is, the more people are going to be captivated by your writing. So to be organized, you should always try to remember the key points of each topic in every paragraph, and try to go with the point. After that, it seems like it is a very mediocre and easy-going writing, but from the reader's point of view, it seems like a coherent and logical writing that has various implied meanings.


             In conclusion, brainstorming, building a concrete thesis, and organizing the writing may not be the best way to writing things right. Because different readers have a range of qualities they seek for, it is hard to go with every single bit of their tastes. These are the basics for writing. However if you really want to become a good writer, you should write freely whatever you wish for, but make it exceptionally interesting for the readers to be lured into your writing magically, as Robert Frost says "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader."


  1. Your essay was easy to follow and well structured with coherency and unity. All the arguments in each paragraph support topic sentences and they are closely related to each other as a whole in accordance with the thesis statement. I particularly liked about how you started the intro with throwing a question and presenting some interesting facts concerning the topic. Using a quotation at the end leaves me an afterglow as well. Overall, I enjoyed reading yours :-)

  2. Hyojeong Shim/ Great essay! I agree with all three points you made, especially the brainstorming part. We all sometimes focus too much on how to "start" writing that we fail to get actually started. I also loved how you included interesting fact and quotation in the right place that made your writing more enjoyable to read. It seems like you are a very good writer based on all two essays you posted so far. I'll keep looking forward to your future writing!