Monday, March 23, 2015

21001256 SeoHee Park/ The first full-moon day/ Thusday 56


The first full-moon day


Have you heard about the first full-moon day? The first full-moon day is a Korean festival day called Daeboreum which is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, when Koreans eat traditional foods and have a good time with their family. Many people don't celebrate this day because it is not a public holiday. But this day is meaningful for me because it is also my mother's birthday; so in this day I always use to spend some money, make some of the traditional recipes and have fun with my family.  


When this day comes I have to check my wallet because I have to be prepared for my mother's birthday. I don't mean that I spend lots of money, but I always wanted to prepare something for my family. First of all, I bought a present for my mom; in this year I was short on money so I just gave her a delicious strawberry cake. She didn't like it very much but me and my family loved the cake. My brother gave her a pair of earrings and of course she was very happy.


After giving all the presents for my mother we cook and eat the Korean traditional foods of the first full-moon day which the most important food is ogokbab, it is rice cooked with a five different grains and other kind of nuts. We eat this rice with other kind of cooked herbs that in Korean is called namul banchan. We eat this mixed rice because the ancestors believed that it runs away the devil spirits and it won't let us pass hunger for the rest of the year also the ancestors wished to the moon for the good harvest of the year.


In the past to celebrate this day our ancestors used to play traditional customs as flying kites or play Jwibulnol which is, to put levee inside of a can called Daljip that is connected to a rope, then put it on fire and spin it until it turns off. This is kind of a fireworks play from the past. Now it's difficult to find this kind of customs, but we can see it in places like the Korean folk village. Me and my family use to go to the cinema or take some rest after eating a lot of delicious foods.  


My mother is always proud that her birthday is on the full-moon day so she made this day a meaningful day for me and my family members, so when I can I give her a nice present, prepare some delicious food for her and try to have a nice day with her. My family likes how I cook but my mother sometimes doesn't so I help her when she cooks, so I can learn how to make traditional recipes for the health of my family.



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  1. This is Kwanhyung Lee from your class.
    I think your thesis statement is well-developed and easy-to-read.
    and your background information about 'Daeboreum' is detailed.
    Each paragraph has its different part of process, and they are in a logical sequence of spending your money, making different recipes, and having fun with the family.
    Finally, it was nice to see your essay end in an evaluation.