Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lee, Jun Ki / Mardi Gras, New Orleans / Thursday 1-3

           Have you ever been to a festival? What was your favorite? New Orleans, LA also has a fascinating festival called Mardi Gras, and it is probably the most famous festival in southern United States. New Orleans is very famous for its music 'jazz' which attracts millions of visitors every day, but for the festival season so many people come that you will have to make reservations months before your plan. Mardi Gras, New Orleans has


           To start, you have to decorate yourself with green, gold, or any fancy colored masks or jewels. This originated from French tradition of Masquerade. New Orleans was originally reigned by France due to this factor, the city is filled with French-style buildings. This mask festival was also largely affected by early French settlers of the region. Putting on accessories would make you the part of festival. These dressed up people would freely walk around Bourbon St. or chase the parade. If you visit New Orleans during festival, you will be able to see people in costumes all over the city.


           Then, there is the parade. Parade is the main event of Mardi Gras, New Orleans. More than twice a day, you will be able to enjoy the fancy parade of New Orleans. Each parade has different theme and concept, so you could choose one that fits your taste. Parades march with bands, dancers, and parade vehicles through the center of the city. People drinks and play games while they are watching the parade. This is the time when you can feel very exotic. Unlike the parades of theme parks which are designed for kids or other parades designed to celebrate things, parade of Mardi Gras is more for grown-ups. It is a festival to freely express the sexuality.


           Finally, there is a unique tradition of throwing the jewels. Every night with an on-going parade, people would throw jewels and gems from their sits, on the street, or while they are in the bar. When people throw jewels, the woman who picks it up or catches it should show her breast to the person who threw it. Although this might sound very shocking to some cultures, this is a long tradition of Mardi Gras. In the past, guys would throw accessories to a woman who they thought were attractive so that they could see their body.


           Mardi Gras, New Orleans is very unique and distinctive festival. Millions would visit the Gulf-coast just to see the festival. Some might find it shocking, but it is how people of New Orleans kept their way of life for few hundred years. From masquerade to a fancy parade, this festival would give you an unforgettable experience.



  1. i read it well :) this festival sounds amusing but some weird . especially the last one .. imagine that someday you allowed your girl friend to go for a trip with saying that ' im going with only females. dont worry ' but she got some jewel and show them .. by the way from introduction to conclusion , it was well organaized as much as i read it interestedly . the only one suggestion is : i rather you write sentences about 'reservation' in the conclusion .

  2. Hello I’m your classmate Seohee, your essay is quite interesting because I’ve never heard about it. I could find your background information which was helpful to understand your essay, but I’m not sure about your thesis statement, may be you can consider to making it clearer. But on every paragraph the processes are well drafted; it is also organized so I could understand it in a logical sequence. Also the definitions and details of the body paragraphs were detailed which made you essay more interesting. And your recommendation as a conclusion made a good ending to your essay. Thank you!!!