Monday, March 16, 2015

201200741 Jung Eun,Kim / What's important to get writing right? / Thurs 56

        Three principles for a good piece of writing

There are a high number of books about 'How to write well' in online and off-line bookstores. It appears majority of successful businessmen are competent in writing and therefore countless number of people crave for developing such writing skills. It seems like we are fully aware of what elements should be factored in for the good essay when reviewing someone else's papers while we fail to factor them in on our own essay. Therefore, to illustrate what I deem as the priorities for the good writing, our recollection as to how we perceive other people's writings can be a case in point. When I go through peer's essays, there are three things that I consider as of utmost importance. How stimulating the story goes, how easy the essay is for readers to follow, whether or not the essay carries clear message of what the writer intend to deliver at the end.

In order to grab the reader's attention, whether or not the essay is motivating plays a crucial role for a good piece of writing. Depending on the themes of the essay, some of the essays can be intriguing while others are not. However, the attractiveness of the essay is not merely contingent on the subject itself. Essays with engaging topics can be boring at times if written in unoriginal way while challenging ones can be an attractive essay by virtue of its novel manner of depiction. Therefore, adding creativity in the essay, such as using interesting facts, quotes and vivid descriptions, sharp sense of humor, the essay as a whole can transform into much appealing piece of writing. Once, the essay succeeds in drawing reader's attention, one can say the essay has got off with a good start.

After successfully bringing reader's attention to the essay, its flow should be like a stream of river for 'easy reading'. 'Easy reading' here don't mean certain level of language use or how academic the content is but the natural flow and coherent structure in the writing. If there are a lot of redundancies that interfere with other sentences, readers would get confused and become hard to grasp the main idea of the essay. Additionally, incoherence in overall structure of the essay would wane reader's interest as time goes by, even if the essay were to grab the reader's attention from the first place. On the other hand, if the essay flows naturally and has a structure of coherency and unity over the whole paragraph, the reader would continually read ahead and deeply commit to our essay, either empathizing or disapproving.

As reader carries on perusing the essay, statement of a clear message at the end can leave an aftertaste that readers find impressive. As the objective of the essay packs all the contents that are previously mentioned, ultimate message that the writer is intent on delivering to the reader is as significant as whole other principles in the writing. If the reader fails to get final message across from any respect by the end of the essay, of all the attempts being interesting and the writing's easy-to-read style end up as meaningless. A clear, distinct message of the essay should always be put at the end to allow readers to fully comprehend the writer's intention on writing it. If the final message is relevant with the arguments mentioned above and closely support each other, the essay becomes a well packaged, good piece of writing.

Apart from my perspective on three principles for good writing of being interesting at the front, adhering to natural flow style and stating clear message at the end, numerous other factors such as grammar, certain structure (thesis statement, topic sentence) principles exist. Yet, I believe it is essential that we start by following principles that we deem are of utmost importance in the writing that can be reflected on our own piece of writing. 

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