Tuesday, March 24, 2015

201581012 Ji hyun Lee/Halloween: Enjoyable Festival/ Thursday 56

Have you ever enjoyed Halloween day? When I was young, it is just scary day for me because I was born on October 31st, Halloween day. My friends tease me 'Your birthday is a holiday for ghosts.' So I start to find what we do on Halloween. I think many people don't even know this holiday in Korea. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in America. There, children are waiting this festival expectantly from the beginning of October. Every year, it's every kid's dream to go up to houses and say "Trick or Treat!" to get sweets. So I'd like to introduce how to prepare and have fun on Halloween. Here are a couple of ideas you can make this holiday bright.


First, decoration is important. Like Christmas, most of party cities and stores have Halloween decorations from October 1st. If you have children, you will make sure decorate the house with plenty of decorations for your kids to adore for the beginning. Some people bedeck their outside of house with miniature lights for the party. Specially, a Jack-o'-lantern is a main part of the decoration. It is one of the symbols of Halloween representing the soul of the dead and traditionally carried by guisers in order to frighten evil spirits.


Next, the highlight of Halloween festival is costumes. Halloween costumes are habitually modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons and devils. Nowadays, the costume selection is extended to include popular characters from fiction like princess and spider man. I suggest just pick out the costume you want and disguising yourself to match your dress.


Lastly, you can have a special Halloween party when everything is ready. Enjoying this party is a bit different depending on the age. According to the studies in America, 93 percent of children go trick or treating. Children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as candy or sometimes money, with the question, 'Trick or treat?'  It is an activity for children only. If you are an adult, I suggest you not to do that. If so, you may be considered crazy person. On the other hand, adults used to play with kids. These days, however, there are many events for adults also. They can go to club, event streets and amusement parks which are decorated with Halloween props and hold a ceremony.


In conclusion, I have explained some steps to prepare and enjoy Halloween day. This day is not only for ghosts, but also for everyone. Actually, we don't celebrate Halloween here in Korea as a big holiday like western countries do, but I think it can't hurt to enjoy sometimes that they are doing to celebrate this fun day.



  1. i read this well , this is writted clearly . the whole paragragh is also easy to read due to 5 part dividing . hook worked . i can imagine how mad you got every time friends teased. there are not many things to say . great

  2. Your essay gave me extra information about Halloween ! I thought I was too old for trick or treat but that does not mean I would not be able to enjoy halloween ! Your writing was well structured. The process was mentioned, conclusion is strong. If would have been better if you had more about the history or background of Halloween. Other than that I enjoyed reading !

  3. 201202029 Oh Ga-yeongMarch 24, 2015 at 8:39 PM

    I read your post well! I will write down my comments according to Editor's Checklist on page 47 :) First, I think that your thesis statement well implies what you will tell in the next 3 paragraphs. Second, your background information was also good because by saying that your birthday is equal to the Holloween day, you related your story to the Holloween. :) Third, your each body paragraph shows well the different part of the process. For stating the process to enjoy Holloween, you suggested three ideas, decoration, costumes, and party. Fourth, you organized the process in a logical sequence by using many sequence connectors like First, Next and Lastly. Fifth, your body paragraphs have accounted details and facts that you know already. Lastly, in your conclusion, you well summarized your main idea which explains the process for enjoying Holloween and finished your writing with recommendation so it was good.