Monday, March 9, 2015

Kim Namhye/About Myself/Thu 1pm


My name is Kim Nam hye. I major in department of German. So, I've lived in Germany- in a small city called "Wuerzburg" -for 1 year as an exchange student. It was very meaningful time for me. In my opinion, living in a foreign country by oneself is very good experience. What I loved the most  while living there was that I had a great opportunity to travel around Europe with freinds. I have traveled many countries, and it was very enjoyable time. I have seen and experienced lots of things there.

When it comes to my hobby, I really like listening to music. I especially like to listen to American pop music. My favorite artists are Queen, Avril Lavigne, Bruno mars, James Mraz, Maroon5 and Justin Timberlake. Actually, I just like famous pop songs, as they're familiar. My favorite genres are pop and rock music.

Additionally, I like shopping. But, I don't mean buying all the stuffs that I like. I just enjoy watching them. I also like hanging around the city (Seoul). There are many exciting, and beautiful places in Seoul -such as Shinsa dong, Myeong dong. My home town is Bundang. I have lived in Bundang for more than 10 years, but now I live in Seoul. So, it takes approximately one hour from my home to Hufs.

Sadly, this is my last semester. Therefore, I hope to do my best this semester.














  1. Gayoung, Kim / Now I'm able to know you more. Thanks for sharing. I also have been Germany and it was so awesome! And I live in Bundang, too! Actually I moved from Seoul and I realized that Bundang is peaceful and really great place to live. So sad that you had to leave but I think Seoul is still good to live. See you at the class! :-)

  2. Kim Gayoung
    Hello This is Kwanhyung Lee from the class.
    I do see that you have traveled Europe a lot, when you were an exchange student.
    I find that Europe has tons of venues you can seek for.. its really an amazing place to travel.
    Hope we have a great class together!
    Best wishes
    Kwanhyung Lee