Wednesday, March 18, 2015

201581012 Ji hyun Lee/Practice and Practice/Thursday 56

These days writing becomes really important in many parts of studies, specially in university. From elementary school to high school, students did not have many subjective questions and assignments. Moreover, they had just a few chance to write an essay in the essay writing contest. So, several students might experience some confusion about what to write in the essay assignment which hung over first time. I was also afraid of writing that day. I cannot give any advice about writing because my writing is also terrible. But I try to write some tips of writing: practice, just do writing come your mind and vocabulary.


First thing I want to suggest is 'practice'. Writing takes practice and discipline, and that discipline comes from a lifetime of repetition. Nobody can overtake the people who write normally everyday. For example, in my friend's case, she used to write a dairy everyday. That never makes her to miss a prize in essay contest throughout her middle school life. It shows that practice is a crucial point in writing.


Next, I would like to advise students to write whatever they have in their mind. Sometimes we think too much so that we are not able to start the first sentence. In my case, if I do some other tasks like jogging and think about the topic simply, I would feel like to write words and it would become not boring. Don't lose your time by doing meaningless things too much. Just do not care about anything and write for yourself. Although the story is miserable or strange, if it is a story you like, at least you can guarantee that it will have one strong supporter.


Lastly, I think vocabulary is important in writing. Writing is a part of communicating ideas, however, occasionally there is some misunderstanding because of the word the writer choose. So a good vocabulary can help us say what we mean. When you are faced with a writing assignment, a good vocabulary is an indispensable tool. You should be able to choose the best word for the job. Besides, you may vary your vocabulary depending on your audience. For example, if you write for children, you should pick up simpler words. On the other hand, if you write for professor, you should pick up formal words.


In conclusion, I have mentioned 3 tips of writing. They are practice, just do writing come to your mind and vocabulary. I think these three are all important to write an essay. I hope these tips could help you to write well. To keep practice writing will make you good writer one day.


  1. Hello Ji Hyun! This is Young Ha from the same class as yours. I just read your writing and it was enjoyable. You made me smile when you say you cannot give any advice because your writing is terrible :) I think you are a good writer though. In the introduction, you have a good opener, which made me feel the need to read the rest. In each body paragraph you included specific examples and I think those are very interesting. In my humble opinion, however, there is a grammatical issue in your thesis staement. The phrase 'just do your writing come your mind' seems to need fixing. You listed three things and I think you have to consider parallel structure. But you did a good job !

    1. Uh... It seems like two of us were writing on the same page and I turned out to have come later.

      Still I will leave my comment just because it might help Jihyun. Gonna find another empty spot..

  2. Hello, I really enjoyed reading your article. It definitely has some crucial ideas that help write well. Particularly, I entirely agree on what you advise in the third paragraph. Some famous authors, like Stephen King, pointed out the same thing as well. Overall, your paragraphs are well-structured―each shows a clear main idea connected to the thesis, and is supported by proper examples and details. Yet, I spotted some minor mistakes like "a few chance", "First thing", "dairy", "in their mind", and "feel like to", but these don`t harm your message delivery. Hard work there.

  3. Hello I'm Kim Minji. I think your writing is good because the message you want to share is very easy to understand. It's definitely right that 'we think too much so that we are not able to start the first sentence'. I like your three advices but it seems to simple. I mean if you add some unique advice then it will make your writing more valuable. Anyway, I enjoy your writing. Thank you.