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I am usually an easygoing, slow person. I mean slow as in I literally even walk slow to the point where my friends and girlfriend complain that I walk too slow. In class, I maintain a similar attitude until exams arrive at my doorstep as well. So what is this killer instinct that I have?

I have always known that somewhere deep inside there's a fire. It's a mere small flame but with appropriate fuel, it will burn brighter and hotter than the sun itself. It all started when I started playing in competitive sports such as football and basketball as I entered high school . This fire has been lit up ever since and it's not visible on surface but it is certainly there and I feel it everytime there is a competition of some sort.

This fire has transformed into my killer instinct. This killer instinct means to do whatever it takes to win whether it is a silly pickup basketball game in the park or an intercollegiate basketball game. I just can't stand losing in anything. And it's not just sports but school is included as well. If I want a certain grade, I need to get it. Anything below that is a failure and it is unacceptable to me.

This fire is my demonic side that controls me when I am up against something. Whether it is a peer, professor, or a random person off the street, my demon thirsts for victory and all the glory and triumph that follow after. It feeds on the fear of my competitors and it is driven by one thing and one thing only: a win. Beware of the demon lurking in the back of the classroom.

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