Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kang Dong Yi / How to Get Over Broken Love / Thursday 1-3pm


All love affairs are bound to fail anyhow unless it ends in marriage. Having a love affair ended could be traumatic, and often those who cannot bear the notion of having lost their loved one end their lives as well. Getting over miserably failed relationship is as important as starting one. 

Perhaps the most horrible thing about failed relationship is that even after breaking up, you might come across your ex-lover regularly because he/she may be your colleague, fellow student, and perhaps the other parent of your child. One of the things that people do that they really shouldn't is that they tend to bash away from the ex-lover. It's mostly the women who make such mistakes. Women tend to run away from gym, school clubs, and even work - wherever they might come across their ex-lover. Such reactions do not help at all, and one has to face their ex-lover like he/she used to before the relationship. People have roles in their society, and it seems vital that one plays full role without regard to the miserable ex-lover. 

Second things to do is perhaps look for other things to do. Hobbies, sports, exhibitions, writing poems, etc. I think and feel that the fear, horror, sadness, misery, and anger from breaking up could be directed toward more productive things. If it weren't for all the break-ups, some of the greatest songs, poems, sculptures, and stories would not have been born, and some world records wouldn't have been broken. If one could make productive things from the most horrible things, why not make use of it? 

Last but not least, one should try to feel the emotions that he/she is feeling the way it is. Often, memories are beautified and distorted, because one cannot psychologically bear them. Sometimes people consider their ex-lovers sour grapes, and sometimes they beautify their ex-lovers for no good reason. Such notions are never too helpful, and one has to face not only the present but their own emotions and feelings.

To sum up, breaking up is inevitable, and if one cannot avoid something, it's best to not shy away from the environment shared with the ex-lover, to make use of the misery and pain itself, and to face tragedy the way it is. 

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  1. Gayoung Kim//
    1. I guess that you didn't write a thesis statement with identifying the proecess.
    2. Background information is about some negative impacts after breaking up with one's boy/girlfriend.
    3. Yes. I guess there are all different parts of the major idea of your writing, but it's not the process.
    4. In first body paragraph, there isn't much of logical sequence. Second body paragraph also doesn't have exact process of something. I can see there is a couple of suggestions about what you can do after break-up. The last body paragraph too.
    5. Most of the supporting details are your opinions and experiences about breaking up. And it is quite helpful because everyone has their own love stories and point of view. It might be better if you wrote about exact details or anecdotes. Just suggestion! :-)
    6. Yes. I think you included recommendations and warnings in conclusion.

    It was just analysis based on my personal opinion! Not offensive! :-)