Tuesday, March 17, 2015

201101481 Park Jean/ Enhancing Readability/ Thurs 56

   When people are asked to write some kinds of essays or journals or reports, a lot of them would struggle. Especially 'right' writing would be very difficult task since they are stuck in the frame of writing 'right'. In my point of view, writing 'right' is all about enhancing readability. Most of writings, there are exceptions like diaries, are for readers who are going to read and judge the quality of writing. Thus, writing right is closely connected to readers' satisfaction and I think there are three points to make writing highly readable. A great deal of reading, clear topic and well organized structure and assume who would be the target readers.


   First of all, many people only consider about only writing itself, although I have a little different opinion. I think reading is crucial and should be primarily done before anyone starts to write. All the exclusive expressions or clear sentences cannot come out from the brain in a sudden. Through reading various books and materials, we have to accumulate some useful expressions, quotes, well written sentences and etc. Also it expands our amount of knowledge and can pick up various resources that could support our writings. The wide spectrums of background knowledge, sentence structures and decent expression can definitely be a good start to write right.


   Moreover, knowing the topic precisely and organized structure is the basic of writing but many people overlook these facts. If readers cannot summarize the main point of the writing than it could be valued as a poor writing. The structure is the same. Unorganized structured writing would drop down the readability and it becomes unattractive and that couldn't be considered as a right writing. In order to prevent these happenings, writers should brainstorm fully enough and edit the drafts to make the writings clear and understandable.


   Finally, knowing the readers would give a huge impact on right writings. Depends on age, gender, social positions, academic backgrounds and so on, the formats, contents, expressions could be changed. For instance, if a writer is writing a novel for children but the book is covered with full of sophisticated words and information, then all the target readers would give up reading it to the end. This might be looked so obvious however many writers make these mistakes and loose expected readers.


   In conclusion, there are many helpful advices to tell how to do a 'right' writing and in my case I would strongly recommend thinking about enhancing the readability. Readings can be worked as a great foundation of writings, clearly stated topic and thoroughly prepared contents and structure and the last but not the least, thinking the target readers will guide us to 'right' writings. Even though writing is our daily routine, it's still a difficult work to finish, although with these simple steps I hope it could make writing easier.


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  1. Hello I am Han wook of your class. I enjoyed your reading well. I agree with your idea that good writing starts from reading various books and materials. I thought that good writing can be learned from reading and following others' good writings. If I try to figure out what is appropriate and inappropriate in the writing from the point of view of a reader, my essays would improve a lot. I do not usually take much time in reading books or newspaper. I think I should try to read a lot of materials and try to learn from them.