Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Chun Young Ho / Perspective / Thursday 1:00 - 3:00 PM

It is important to understand the topic correctly. The topic is about not only 'right' writing but also specifies its scope on students. Also it is important to beware of 'reader' when we pursuit a 'right' writing. Students usually write an essay, assignment and few columns. Usually my peer students write an assignment in most frequency among those 3 genres. Therefore it is meaningful procedure to be a stance as a professor for your reader of your writing. In this respect, my advice for student writers are : Should have identical perspective, Reader can easily understand what you are thinking and arguing and Understand the topic exactly.

The first advice is essential for whole genres of essays. Your essay must contain sharp, concise and clear perspective. The reason why your readers read your writing is that they want to know your idea. Flowery words, systematic organization or composition, trivial grammar and language errors are pushed back on the priority than the perspective. Those elements are eventually just a way or means to show your perspective more fluently. English writing moreover prefers 'deductive structure' than Korean writing. It is a good composition of your paragraph to express your idea more systematically. Also it is convenient for reader to catch up with your key idea.

Secondly, reader can easily understand what you are thinking and arguing. So be easy. A good essay never consisted by difficult, hard, too academic words and compositions. Good essay consists of words that middle school students can easily understand. Whether your essay is good or bad will be judged by your perspective and idea what you want to transfer, express, be sympathetic with your readers. Also it is important to be 'kind' writing. No one likes 'pedantic' style and 'inkhorn' terms. Don't be a teacher to your reader who authoritatively oppresses his idea.

Lastly, understand the topic correctly and exactly. This is especially important for student writers. It is of no use if you did not understand the reader's demand even though you have great perspective. Your devoted assignment with colorful graphs, diagrams and exact resources will be pale into insignificance when you drop out of the topic. Also good perspective usually deducts from exact, deep comprehension of topic and demand of readers.

To sum all, the key advice for student writers is to have a firm and clear perspective. Clear perspective will be come up with deep comprehension of the topic. It is definite fact that if you are familiar with the topic then the possibility of higher quality involves with your writing. When you already got a firm perspective write easily and kindly. It is sufficient to show your idea and empathize with your readers. 

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