Wednesday, March 11, 2015

201103990 Jee-hyoun Kim/ Write something about yourself that no one else knows/120315/ Thursday1-3pm

Since I was young, I moved from place to place. I attended to 4 different elementary schools, so I had to adjust to new environment every time. Every time I moved to the new school, I tried hard to survive. I paid a lot of attention to other colleagues, trying hard to be one of them. This kind of background made me really outgoing person.

If someone get to know me more and more, they tend to say that I am much kinder person than they first thought. Some people even told me that I really care for others. A small conversation with my close friends is a mood booster for me. That's why I love to hang out with many friends. My schedule is always filled with the meeting with friends.

All I wrote above is true. On the other hand, there are the facts that most of the people around me barely know. First, I also love to spend time alone. Having friends around me really make me feel better, while being alone make me feel safe. I tend to put others before me, so sometimes it is very stressful. I can do whatever I want without thinking of others. I read, go watch movie, eat alone, and take care of myself.

Second, I sometimes hate to listen to others. To relieve stress, people easily talk about their feelings. Thinking that I'm a good listener, some of my friends talk to me a lot. However, I am not a good listener and I tend to avoid those kinds of person who keep talk about their problems. Listening to other people make me feel like I became a trash basket. They just easily throw their feelings away, and that becomes my burden to handle. For this reason, I ignore their messages sometimes, pretending that I'm already asleep.

I don't like to hurt other people's feelings. So I covered them with a sweet euphemism. It sounds nice, but at the same time, I lied to people around me. While I'm writing it, I had a feeling that this habit might not seem good to others. I should express my feeling more directly.

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  1. Hi I am Jun Ki Lee from your class. I do have similar experience with you so I can say I fully understand what your saying ! Just don't get one-sided ! lol