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The buddhist birthday


The Christmas day is world-wide holiday and actually the Korean celebrates this day more specially than other countries. They even impart special meaning on the Christmas. They have a slight obsession that they should spend that day with their lovers and make some memorable moment. We actually don't know why this kind obsession is prevalent. I'm quite regret about this social condition and I'd rather suggest another day to celebrate. Actually a fair size of people already celebrate this day : The buddha's birthday.

I am not a Buddhist. But my parent and a few of my friends are Buddhist. So Buddhism is very familiar to me since I followed my parent's visit to Buddhist temple. The Buddhist temple is quite different from church in its mood, air and atmosphere. It is very orientic and most temple places in the mountain so we can feel the mood that we cannot experience in urban life. So naturally the first step of spending wonderful day in Buddhist birthday is to visit the temple. Leaving the city and say hello to urban life is critical stage for enjoying the holiday.

As you all know most Buddhist denomination keep the rule about the ban of eating meat. Most buddhist monk are usually vegetarian. So in buddhist world, vegetarian foods are very developed. The buddhist monk make a cuisine very similar to meat by using beans. I actually tried this food when I was in high school and it was quite delicious and enjoyable. Also the most famous Korean food, Bibimbap, have deep relation with Buddhist temple. In bibimbap we usually add many vegetables in it and it quite different from usual bibimbap because it does not have meat in it. It is more neat and refresh. When you visit temple in Buddhist temple in Buddhist birthday, temple provides some bibimbap for free. The next step of visiting the temple is enjoying the delicious, unique food of Buddhism.

After enjoying food you will feel some desire to digestion. You can move your body by hanging some 'lotus lantern' for your wishes. You just can apply some request to hang your lantern to the temple but it is a meaningful procedure to hang your lantern by your hand. Usually you write your name and wishes in the lantern. A lot of people who visits the temple on the Buddha's birthday hang their lanterns. So when you visit the temple in that season, it is magnificient view to appreciate so many lanterns are in harmonies with the temple and surrounding mountains.

To sum up with, the first stage to enjoy the Buddha's birthday is to visit the temple. Then you should enjoy the temple's unique food. Lastly you hang the lantern that wishes your desire or your precious relations. It will present a new kind of impression quite different from the Christmas day. 

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  1. 201202029 Oh Ga-yeongMarch 24, 2015 at 8:22 PM

    I read your post well! I will write down my comments according to Editor's Checklist on page 47 :) First, I think that your thesis statement saying that a number of people already celebrates the Buddha's birthday well summarizes the entire main idea. Second, your background information was also good because by comparing the Christmas day with the Buddha's birthday, you did fortify your opinion that we have to celebrate the Buddha's birthday. Third, your each body paragraph shows well the different part of the process. Your first body paragraph describes the process of visiting the temple and second body paragraph shows the process of enjoying the temple's unique food and last body paragraph also describes the process of hanging the lantern to wish our desire. Fourth, you organized the process in a logical sequence by using many sequence connectors like After. Fifth, your body paragraphs have accounted details which came from your own experience. Lastly, in your conclusion, you well restated your three topic sentences and finished your writing with recommendation so it was good.